HOSTLIGHT – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements


HOSTLIGHT is a simple puzzle game featuring 18 Steam achievements.

Since all floors can be replayed at any time, none of the achievements is missable.


Hello world!

  • Place your first Chauron.

Nice to meet you

  • Meet the Guide.

Breaking the rules

  • You managed to place the chauron even with the active shields.

You must not break things

  • You found the “slippery” Chauron.

Machine without feelings

  • The Guide unleashed its feelings.

Caught red handed

  • You caught the Guide messing around.

Bad blood

  • The Guide redecorates the level.

Strengthening your relationship

  • Sometimes you have to try other ways to communicate.

Rise of the Machines

  • Defend yourself and defeat the menace.


Happy ending?

  • You made it! Now enjoy your well earned rest.

I don’t want to die

  • Be comprehensive, don’t achieve your ultimate goal.

The game features two endings which depend on the final choice:

  • Give charon to Guide ➟ Happy ending?
  • Activate The Needle ➟ I don’t want to die.

You can replay Floor #24 to get both endings.



  • Others aren’t so lucky.

Find the broken robot on Floor #1:


  • Find the Guide hidding.

Find the Guide on Floor #4:

Thanks for the help

  • He must be tired, but helped you with the mirror anyway.

Find the broken robot on Floor #5:

Laboral accident?

  • Is this piece from another puzzle?

Find the broken robot on Floor #8:

Rupest art

  • Take a close look to the drawings.

Closely inspect the hidden drawing on Floor #21:


Outstanding student

  • You didn’t need to hear it twice.

Choose ‘Answer no’ on Floor #1:

Sudden headache

  • Let the Guide finish the conversation while waiting on the Generator.

At the start of Floor #24, don’t move and let the Guide kill you:

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