Hotel Renovator – Official FAQ

We wanted to answer some of your questions with the release of Hotel Renovator… so here we go!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Hotel Renovator be released?

  • We plan to release the game on March 7th 2023 on PC

What platforms will Hotel Renovator be available on?

  • The game is set to release on PC, Xbox Series, and Playstation 5

Which PC distribution platforms will the game be available on?

  • The PC version of the game will be available via Steam and Epic Games Store

Who is the publisher of Hotel Renovator?

  • The game will be published by Focus Entertainment

Will Hotel Renovator get a physical release?

  • At this moment, we plan on releasing the game only in digital form

How many languages will the game be available in?

  • The game will offer subtitles in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (LATAM), Spanish (Cast), Portuguese (BR), Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese (SC), Chinese (TRAD), Korean, Japanese and Ukrainian

Will Hotel Renovator include multi-player?

  • At this stage, the game is developed with single-player experience in mind

What engine is used in the development of Hotel Renovator?

  • Our game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4

Will Hotel Renovator include a story mode?

  • Yes, the main campaign will put the players in the shoes of a person who inherited the hotel from a relative and will gradually discover its intriguing history

Will Hotel Renovator include a sandbox mode?

  • Yes, the players will be able to enjoy a sandbox mode without the pressure of taking care of the business part

Will Hotel Renovator support UGC?

  • Yes, we believe that user-generated-content is going to unleash a lot of creativity within the Hotel Renovator community, and we can’t wait to see the creations that the players will produce

Will Hotel Renovator be expanded further with additional DLC?

  • Yes, we plan to support the game with additional DLC after the launch and will disclose more details in the future

Will the hen from the demo return in the full release?

  • Yes! Turns out it’s not so easy to get rid of.
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