House Flipper – How to Obtain Do It ASAP Achievement Easy

Seems almost impossible to get this right? Wrong. It’s actually really easy if you just follow the few steps and tricks in this guide!

Do It ASAP Achievement Guide

The Best Job to Pick

The fastest job to choose for this achievement is actually one of the first ones you get in the game. It’s “Cleaning the garage” from Caroline Smith. All this person is asking for is to clean, remove trash, and clean the window in the garage only.

If you have already completed this job, you’ll need to go to your mail and press the archive tab. The job should be near the top of the list of jobs you’ve already done.

The Hard Part

Now this is the part where you need to be fast.

As soon as you load in front of the house, start sprinting (default keybind is V) to the door and then enter the first door to the left. For sprinting you also don’t need to hold down the button, just press it once while walking and you start to run. once you stop walking the sprinting will stop as well.

When you enter the garage, first thing you need to do is collect all the garbage. collect everything close to you. Make sure not to get stuck trying to collect the clean tires, those do not count as trash.

The most important part here is to clean the window right after you get rid of all the garbage. You have too clean the window for the person to consider the job good enough to finish. I did a test and even after getting rid of almost all of the garbage and cleaned the entire room with the broom, I wasn’t able to complete the job. You have to clean the window.

A quick tip for cleaning the windows fast in this game is to not go too fast funny enough. If you do, you’ll leave the window with patches of dirt even after you just went over them. Make sure to be aware of that.

after you clean the window, you’ll almost be done! Make sure you have the broom in your hand and clean some easy to spot patches to clean on the ground until you hear the alert that lets you know that the job can be completed now. quickly press enter and finish the job. and now you’re done! You should now have the achievement!

They may take a few tries so don’t give up.

Final Thoughts

I’m really surprised that barley 2% of people have this achievement, so i hope this guide helps you! At first I had no clue how anyone would be able to do this, each house for me takes at least half an hour or more to complete. I got kinda lucky remembering the one job that only had one room to clean and it was a simple clean at that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the guide and I hope it helped you!


  1. There are few perks needed to truly make this easily possible:
    1, Get the perk for “Multiple Trash Disposal” to have the game randomly dispose multiple trash objects at the same time whenever you click on some garbage in the middle of a big pile
    2, Get the Negotiation perks for lowering job requirements (at the maximum level, I didn’t even have to equip my broom to finish the job, just the window and the majority of the trash was enough)
    3, Get the “cleaning faster” upgrades (it’s unknown if it impacts the speed you can clean windows, but if you can’t get the “Complete Job” option even when picking up the trash and cleaning the window, it will make your broom cleaning go that little bit faster).

  2. What I did was unlock all my perks first so my cleaning and assembly goes faster, than I went to archived jobs and selected the radiator (very first one) and sprinted through the living room, bedroom and bathroom

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