DAVE THE DIVER – How to Fight Mako Shark

What is the Best Way to Fight Mako Shark

I always wear the squid accessory that gives a burst of speed like an “oh ♥” dodge button paired with another accessory that boosts gun dmg. Also, always eat the dumplings that gives you 8% speed boost, it helps a lot.

If you’re having trouble with it, swim away in a straight line then use the dodge accessory to avoid its charge. The only time I had a problem with it was when it clung on me like it’s just swimming towards you when it detects you instead of its usual attack pattern, I had to swim away when it does that. Swimming around in wide circles also help coz it can’t turn fast enough at least in my case it does that.

If all else fails, aim faster, bring bombs if you find any. I only have my fire rifle lv2 most of the time but I’m doing better against it than narwhals.

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