Human: Fall Flat – 100% Miniature Achievement Guide

Use this guide to watch or read the guide on how to finish the achievements in Miniature.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Miniature

Miniature Achievements

A text and/or in-game guide to doing the achievements without too many spoilers for the level.

Top Shelf

  • Reach the highest platform above the power drill in “Miniature”.

After getting to the drill in the first section, fling yourself upwards instead of over to the plank, once you get on the shelf above climb onto the red box, and then the ruler. From there just climb to the Top Shelf and it should trigger!


Spotless Clean

  • Get rid of the ash in “Miniature”.

After reaching the vacuum and turning it on, clean up all four ash piles surrounding the nearby area. There should be none too hidden from your sight, once all are cleaned fully the achievement should trigger!


The Floor Is Lava

  • Starting from the bag of soil, reach the top of the crate without touching the red tiles in “Miniature”.

After reaching the red tiles do note that you can walk on them and it won’t ruin the achievement initially since you need to set up a bridge to begin with. Knock down all the blocks that are on top of the crate to begin with, use the blocks to construct a bridge to the black box on the side of the crate and also place pieces on the inside of the crate to link to the soil box. Once you are ready to begin step on the soil bag inside the crate and make your attempt to walk to the black box, from there swing your body up the side until you reach the top and it will trigger!


Small Fish, Big Pond!

  • Complete “Miniature”.

Just complete the level!

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  1. > “from there swing your body up the side until you reach the top and it will trigger!”

    If, like me, you are terrible at swinging, instead of knocking ALL the bricks down to make the “bridge”, throw one down onto the black box so you can easily climb back up.

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