Human: Fall Flat – All Dark Achievements Guide

Here I will show you the achievements of the “Dark” level.

How to Obtain All Dark Level Achievements


It’s Alive!

  • Complete “Dark”

Complete the level.

Planks? No Thanks!

  • Complete “Dark” without moving any planks that are barring doors.

Complete the level without opening doors.

1st door

Don’t open this door

2nd door

In this part you need to use the barrels to be able to climb.

3rd door

In this part you need to throw yourself over here and go to the tower to put the batteries.

Tick Tock

  • Climb the Clock Tower in 40 seconds in “Dark”.

Fry Me to the Moon

  • Hold on to the EXIT lid after you flick the switch in “Dark”.

You need to hold on to the bed until it explodes.

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