Human: Fall Flat – How to Vertical Climb

How to vertical Climb in HFF (Human Fall Flat)

Guide to Vertical Climb

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Gaining Momentum

In order to get a base level to start climbing, you need to be able to jump high enough. I’ve discovered that if you hold space, W, and A, you can bunny hop fairly well. Use this to jump onto a wall and grab onto it.

Step 2: Swinging Yourself

While on the wall, you need a way to get up. You can either do the slow way, of swinging and grabbing, or you can do this. Swing yourself fairly high and once you’ve decided that you’re high enough, let go of the wall, then grab with your other hand. This should accelerate you higher than normally climbing.


This technique can be done on any surface as long as there’s nothing obstructing your area (You can do this on a pillar).

Written by Ar1n0th

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