Hunt: Showdown – Pro Hunt Tips

Tips for Hunt

  • Avoid compounds or building, so you won’t get killed by spamming/shotgun camper (always keep +30m distance).
  • When a Hunter dies, they always fall opposite the direction the deathblow came from. If your partner hits the ground, and you aren’t sure where they were shot from, look at their feet. Whichever way their feet are pointing, is the direction they were shot from.
  • Never stand on the second floor if you bring a Hunter with a long coat. The coat will clip through the floor. Which makes you an easy target to be shot through wooden floors from below.
  • If someone dies with Bounty Token, the Token Icon will show through the wall. The moment they get rezzed, the Token Icon will disappear. If you suspect a rez is coming, and you can wall bang. Aim at the Token Icon, wait for it to go away, and fire the moment it does.

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