Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them – How to Save Cassie/Elle (from Not Dying Immediately)

Warning! This guide contains spoilers.

Guide to Save Cassie/Elle

First and Foremost

This entire guide is spoilers!

How to Do It

If you’ve been to both the mall and the bakery then you’ve hopefully already activated the flags for Cassie and Elle. Problem is, their events take place at the same time. What’s a player to do?

Fret not, as the solution, even though it took me 3 attempts to discover it, is fairly simple. All you need to do is go to Elle’s date instead. Cassie will be very upset but she gives you a second chance! Elle just dies if you blow her off.

So that’s it. A cool bonus of blowing Cassie off is you get a chance to go to the arcade and, upon choosing the “unplug the guy’s game” option, you’re rewarded with a cool $1k to spend on Cassie so she doesn’t eat rotten pizza and die ironically!

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  1. You can skip either for the first date i myself skipped elles cause cassie is kinda uh high matience in crush crush and it worked fine for me.

  2. I think you got the girls the wrong way around, I go on Cassie’s date and blow Elle off. Elle gets a bit upset but is happy to reschedule for another day, plus the advice I got from Mystic says not to blow off Cassie.

  3. I really do not understand who thought this would be a good idea game design wise. It is incredibly frustrating to deal with unjust game overs like that. It is also a plot hole because in my first playthrough I had not even met Cassie by the time the detective showed up declaring her dead, yet I somehow knew who she was.

  4. I too went with Cassie first. If you can get 8 luck by the morning of her date, then you’ll have enough money.

  5. i see what i did wrong then i just told her no so she died not yes and then leave her hanging now i was thinking if i could meet her later or quicker thanks

  6. I distinctly remember Elle giving you a second chance for the first date, though… (albeit, you have to accept the date and then not go, rather than ignore her text) She wasn’t even that upset – maybe the mood a girl is in affects whether or not she gives you a second chance, though I’m not sure if there’s any more opportunities to improve elle’s mood before then.

  7. it worked for me, blew cassie off and she was still alive, also side note make sure your tech savvy enough for the arcades to get 1K for cassie’s make up date

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