Ib – How to Play (If You Don’t Know Japanese)

For those who want to play Ib and do not know Japanese there is a PC program called Capture2Text which by pressing Windows + Q you can take a screenshot of the text you want to translate and it will be in your language if you configure it as I will tell you below.

Basic Starters Guide

Steps You Must Follow

The first thing you should do is download Capture2Text at the end of the guide, by the way you will have the video in case you do not understand the details well.

When you have it and you can start you will see in the lower left tabs that the program is in the background, you will right click it and you must go to settings…

The second step when you are in the settings you must go to the “TRANSLATE” section and check both boxes that appear and place your language where it says “Translate to (Using Google Translate)” Just like in the image below.

Once you have everything configured, just double-click the application again and go to where it says OCR language and place it in Japanese so that when you press Windows + Q you can select the words you want to translate into your language in a box, below you I will leave a demo with the start of Ib.

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