Icarus – Early Game Guide

This guide is meant to help you, of course you can play however you want but i’m just here to give some pointers. i won’t go into details about everything because it more fun to experience it yourself.

Early Game Levelling Guide


The way to level is to pick up branches and bushes off the ground alongside some hunting because almost everything you do gives XP. But there is a better way to level until someone finds a better way or the developers add better ways.

  • Picking up branches and bushes gives the least amount of XP.
  • Mining stone and Oxite Ore gives an ok amount of XP.
  • And if you like to go practice with a bow and go hunting, it gives one of the best amounts of XP.

You might be wondering why this guide doesn’t say just go hunting? Well in the early parts of the game you won’t have that many resources to make arrows constantly.

There are caves across the maps that have iron and copper ore, when you mine these it gives a little bit less than a hunting trip and it’s still a lot of XP. But all it costs is some durability on your stone pickaxe, and all it takes to repair it is just one stone!

But i would recommend a bow first before snuggling in a cave, there are worms that shoot acid at you so be careful.


I really can’t say anything in this part, everyone has a play style and it’s not my right to persuade people on that.

Tech Tree

Although it might look confusing it’s really not. If you hover over an item it shows a (possible vague) example of what it does.

My go-to when I get to level two is spear, knife, and bandage. On level 3 I go for Bow, arrows, and then campfire.and then go for beds, and cloth armor (chest, leg and head gives the most protection) I will say the Oxidizer and thatch buildings are basically useless so don’t waste valuable points there.

The Oxidizer takes Oxite and turns it into oxygen, it sounds good until you realize you can just put Oxite on your back and it does the same.

Thatch building are more confusing because it sounds like a cheap house until it rains or the winds kick up and it breaks your building.

I would just save the points till you can get wood building. they don’t break during a storm or windstorm as easily and it uses wood and right now you don’t have that many things requiring wood.

when you get wood buildings if you have any points left or level up pick up a crate. they are one of the best early game things. they allow you to stuff some heavy stone or wood that’s hogging your inventory.

The rest of the points are up to you to spend it on.


In the prospect menu, there’s a tab that says “Workshop”

These are basically little helpers in your prospects.

I do believe if you brought the exotic with you on accident, leave it in the drop pod or if it’s food or water, leave it in the pod till you need it otherwise you got to craft another one if you need it.


You may have already guessed but you can have multiple characters. Nothing really to talk about other than you can make one person really good with bows and another with mining.

Warning to All Deluxe Owners

I’ve made a mistake of crafting a bunch of First Cohort Envirosuits and in this version of the game, there is no actual way of getting rid of them. So only craft one per person.

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