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Should I choose DirectX 11 or DirectX 12?

  • DirectX 11 provides the fastest and most stable game experience, and is our default setting. Enable DirectX 12 if you have an RTX graphics card and want to play with RTX Global Illumination. NVIDIA DLSS and FSR acceleration technologies are enabled in both settings.

What are the minimum and recommended PC specs?

Can I change key bindings?

  • Yes, once you are in the game, or orbital station you can change the keys in the Controls section of Settings Menu. This option is not visible on the title screen but is in the game.

Will Icarus have controller support?

  • Currently, you can partly bind some stuff but not all actions. We plan full controller support in future, but can’t confirm a date for this.

Can I play without an Internet connection?

  • Yes. We have an Offline mode that stores your Character, Prospect or Outpost’s progress on your local hard drive so you don’t need an internet connection to play. However, you can only use this character in Offline mode and cannot use it in multiplayer Prospects.
  • A temporary known issue: If Steam is in Offline mode but you are still connected to the Internet, actually disconnect from the Internet to use Offline mode.

Can I skip the introduction video?

  • Yes.
  • The game is loading while the video plays. Depending on your PC it could take a few seconds or up to a minute before you can skip it. Smashing buttons won’t make it load faster.

What does the Quick Play button do?

  • Nothing, currently.

What languages do you support?

  • Icarus will be available in English, German, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. However, Prospector Sol’s voice acting is only in English.
  • Unfortunately at launch not all text has been translated, but this will be updated soon.
  • We know there are fans keen to help translate Icarus to even more languages, which is something we may consider working with the community on in future.
  • Icarus is regularly updated and sometimes there may be English words mixed in with your language while our translators catch up. We don’t want to delay you having the latest content, but we are committed to translating into your language.

I’ve bought Icarus but can’t see Icarus in my Steam Library?

  • It is possible that your Steam client needs to be refreshed. Completely exit from Steam (using the Top-left Steam Menu and Exit). You may need to use Task Manager to close any Steam applications running in the background. Then open Steam again.
  • During our Beta Weekends (which are now over) we used an app called Icarus Beta. This app is no longer needed and you can uninstall it.

What is the Supporters Edition?

  • Supporters Edition is for fans who want to support RocketWerkz and Icarus’ long-term development. In addition to the base game, Supporters receive the next two DLC and two additional Outposts.
  • Those that pre-ordered before 3 December 2021 received a limited edition First Cohort Envirosuit, which can be found in the Workshop to research and buy.
  • We will continue to add special extras for Supporters over time to say thank you.

Can I upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Supporters Edition?

  • Yes. The Supporter Edition is a ‘package’ in Steam made up of the base Icarus game plus the Supporters Edition content. If you already own the Standard Edition of Icarus, when you purchase the Supporters Edition Steam will remove the price of the Standard Edition. You won’t pay for the Standard Edition twice.

10% XP boost, how does this work?

  • For this launch weekend only (until Sunday midnight PST) everyone gains a special 10% XP bonus, so you will progress faster. This applies to those who pre-ordered Icarus or purchased it during our 10% launch discount. You can see the XP boost in your Character Stats screen (press C) off the Inventory Screen.

What are Icarus’ two DLC Chapters?

  • New Frontiers and Dangerous Horizons.
  • These chapters will offer new biomes, enemies and overall gameplay content. They are planned for 2022 and we will showcase them when ready! They can be purchased separately (price not announced yet), unless you pre-ordered them as part of the Supporters Edition.

Will Icarus be updated regularly?

  • Yes. Icarus will have a day one patch as well as regular content updates such as new items and missions, hot fixes and periodic patches. These will be available as part of the base game for no extra charge, in addition to the DLC.

Is Icarus coming to consoles?

  • Not currently, but we’re thinking about it.

Can I play Icarus on GeForce Now?

  • You can also play Icarus with GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service. That means you can play at 1080p and 60 FPS across all of your devices – from lower-spec PCs, to Mac, Chromebook, Android mobile, Android TV, iPhone and even iPad. Learn more at geforcenow.com.
  • Please note you cannot use Photo Mode to save photos as GeForce Now does not access your local harddrive. Also, you cannot use Offline Mode via an online service like GeForce Now.

I cannot connect to the servers and it keeps retrying.

  • In some countries, changing your Windows language settings to English (US) helps resolve this.

Is Icarus optimized for Windows 11?

  • No. Windows 11 is not supported.

Online and Multiplayer

How does online co-op and matchmaking work?

  • You can play Icarus with up to 7 other people from your Steam Friends List. One player can “Host” a session and then their Friends can “Join a Prospect” to browse and join sessions that their Friends are Hosting.

How do Icarus’ servers work?

  • Our game servers are run “peer-to-peer” and we also store key player data on our dedicated central server. This means that when playing one player “hosts” the game and others connect to their PC, while our external server saves snapshots. If the host leaves, or their Internet connection goes away, then all players will be returned to the orbital station but another player can host the session and everyone can continue playing.

I failed to find my friends’ hosted Unreal Session (error 008). What should I do?

  • If you’re having trouble joining or re-joining a Friend’s game, on the Character Select screen click Remove From Prospect and then try joining their server again.

How does text chat work?

  • Press Enter to chat with everyone else playing in the session with you.


What are Outposts?

  • Outposts are permanent 1km x 1km maps with no time limit, safe animals, light weather and limited dangers – ideal for building. Your Outpost is stored on your local PC and is permanent. Only one of your characters can be on an Outpost at a time, but while you are there you are Hosting a session and can invite your Steam Friends to visit. Resources such as trees and ores will regenerate when you rejoin your Outpost, so you have ample supplies. You can bring tools from the Workshop down to your Outpost, but cannot return them. You do not earn XP while building in your Outpost.

How many Outposts are there?

  • Icarus comes with a Forest Outpost map for everyone as standard.
  • Players with the Supporters Edition get an extra Forest Outpost and an Arctic Outpost. In future more Outposts will become available to purchase, but no date has been announced.

Will my character’s progress carry over between Icarus’ base game and Outposts?

  • Currently your character does not earn XP on Outpost drops and must leave the Outpost before they can join a game session.


Explain what “Session-Based” means?

  • Rather than one long game that lasts forever, your time on Icarus is broken into limited length sessions, which you can complete in as little time as hours or take your time over days and weeks.
  • Once you’ve claimed a Prospect and landed on Icarus, you must complete your Mission objectives, return to your dropship and leave before the session time concludes.
  • If you don’t return to your dropship on time, your character will be stranded on Icarus. You will permanently lose your hard-earned character, talent progression and items. However, the items on your orbital station will remain unscathed!
  • Over time your character will progress and you will not have to repeat researching new items and talents for every session.

Can I leave a session and come back later?

  • If you keep your character on the planet, you can leave the game and come back later. You can do this by simply hitting Escape and returning to Character Select screen. You will be able to join the session again later. If you leave via your dropship this concludes your Prospect and you will not be able to return.

What can I take to orbit?

  • You can put Exotic Matter and items from the Orbital Workshop in your dropship cargo hold and take them up to orbit when you end your session.
  • Items crafted on the planet cannot be taken into orbit due to customs, logistics and UDA requirements. However, as you complete Missions, you’ll be able to research and purchase advanced new technology in the Workshop which you can take on as many sessions as you like. Orbital Workshop items are permanent and the only way to lose them is to carelessly drop them on the ground or die while on a drop. These may speed up your progress on your next drop or grant new abilities.
  • You can bring Orbital Workshop items and Exotic Matter back to orbit in your dropship when you complete your mission – but tools and weapons crafted on the planet cannot be brought on board.
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