Idle Calibur – How to Upgrade Troops

This short guide explains some hints about upgrade the troops.

Guide to Upgrade Troops


You need to have the troop already in your formation and you need a Memory Star 5.

Keep in mind though, it only upgrades an individual troop, not the troops generally.

So if you have 10 knights in your team and you upgrade 1 you’ll have 9 knights and 1 knight+1 for example.

So it is pretty costly especially with how rare the Memory Star 5’s are.

Note: Also, you need to not have a full roster for whatever reason. So store one of your troops in the barracks.

Remember! If that +1 knight dies, you lose that +1 forever and have to upgrade another one. Just farm invitation letter through blue crystal and you can have as many 5* memory as possible idk if thats the most effecient way.

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