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Quick Affixes Guide

What Are Affixes?

Affixes are additional stats that can roll onto a piece of gear that benefit the player in some way, from combat to skilling. There are many different types of affixes ranging from stat boosts to speed boosts and anything in between. While affixes may be random, your Runecrafting Mastery will bias the RNG towards better rolls.

How Are Affixes Applied?

Affixes are applied to gear by using Runic Dust. You can find a new tab within the Runecrafting skill that works similar to enchanting.

(Please note these screenshots are early UI work and are subject to change)

From here you can select the item you wish to apply affixes into.

After you have selected the item, you can pick affixes from the right side menu or leave it to randomly roll an affix. Because we are using a Common item, we will need Basic Runic Dust to apply affixes.

Once satisfied with the selection, click Affix to apply. Afterwards it will roll the affixes and their ranges onto the item. If you have picked any affixes, they will be locked in with their rolled values. You can change the rolled values later, but the affixes themselves cannot be changed out.

What Is Runic Dust and How Do I Get It?

Runic Dust is how you will primarily roll/choose affixes for the season. The amount of runic dust you need will depend on the strength of the Affix you are wanting to put on the equipment. Alternatively you can randomly roll for a flat 10 runic dust. 

Obtaining the dust can be done by using gathering skills and crafting it from gathered/processed materials, which is faster than relying on combat drops.

What Are the Differences Between the Dusts?

There are five tiers of Runic Dust; Basic, Unusual, Singular, Prime, and Mythical. You can craft these up in tiers and back down if desired, but some dust will be lost in the process. (16 to tier up, 2 to tier down.)

Can I Reroll Affixes / Why Are My Locked Affixes Not Changing?

Yes. Within the menu you can freely choose which affixes you wish to lock in and unlock at will. Unlocked Affixes will have their ranges rerolled once you confirm while locked ones will not. You cannot change affixes once they are applied to gear, only their ranges. You will need gear scrap however to reroll.

Gear Scrap can be obtained by Salvaging gear. Gear scraps also come in the five rarities listed above, so depending on the rarity of the gear you salvaged, you will get the same rarity of scrap. (Epic Item = Epic Scrap) These tiers are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

I hope you found this helpful!

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