Idol Showdown – A Fubuki-Freeze Combo Extention Guide

Find out how she took away control from her opponent with this one weird trick.

Guide to Fubuki-Freeze Combo

How to Make People Hate You Too


Make sure you know what “numpad notations” are, if you don’t, use a search engine to look it up.

All inputs are done while your character is facing the right.

How to do it

Basically just do Rising Blizzard (214 H) until the final hit then special cancel it into Air Blizzard (214 any button except S or 4 S) (1st hit only).

This will freeze the opponent making them unable to do anything for 1 second or 2 seconds meaning you can continue a combo or sorts.

This is what the opponent should look like when you succeed.

Example Combo

Needs 1 bars of meter and 1 of superchat meter

5L>5M>5H>Rising Blizzard (214H)> Air Blizzard(214 any button except S or 4 S) (1st hit only)> run up to frozen opponent > 2L>2M>3H

You can use Kurokami! (236 S) after 3H to finish the combo but that requires 2 more bars of meter.


  • (From what i understand) This combo does not work on Ayame at all due to her small hurtbox.
  • Cant be done near the wall or else wall bounce will break the ice effect.
  • You can do it twice (loop) but I wouldn’t recommend it or else the infinite prevention system will kick in sooner or later.
  • Both you and the opponent have to be grounded or else your opponent might be out of reach.
  • If you get SSR luck then the combo will no longer work because wall bounce.
  • if it hits twice without SSR luck, congrats! you found an audio bug! you can now listen to the screams of your opponents character being repeated every frame until they get up (works even better with ame assist to make your ears bleed better but only in training mode).
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