Idol Showdown – Coco Guide

A Day 1 attempt at summarizing this dragon’s deadly damage.

Guide to Coco



Today I’ll be covering this game’s grappler because that seems to be a character type I cover a lot. Note that I have yet to have learned the frame data, so it will not be displayed.

Introduction to Coco

As I’ve already mentioned, Kiryu Coco is this game’s grappler. As such, she’s big, slow, and has a lot of command grabs. However, she also lacks a lot of things that I feel grapplers should have, and while it is true that she’s pretty easy to learn, her skill ceiling also seems to be low.

Coco’s Moves

I won’t cover some of Coco’s moves because honestly they seem pretty standard. The universal overhead looks to have pretty bad range, though.

2M is your main neutral tool because it’s a massive low sweep. However, at certain ranges, you can’t get a combo off of it.

5M is an approach option with a hitbox. It’s good to use it after a midrange 2M.

2H is what you use after 5M. Its range is quite short, so it’s hard to shove it into a combo after 5H outside of the corner.

j.M is a really nice air-to-air but you don’t really get much off of it.

214x is a fire breath you can use after 2H, but only if you’re going to Superchat Cancel it into 22x. The H version is instead a super quick command grab, which is something Coco would really want if she didn’t have to spend meter on it.

22x is an anti-air command grab that you use after either 2H or 214x with a Superchat Cancel. I’d say it’s one of Coco’s best moves.

236x is a very slow running command grab that can only really be used as a hard read. Nitro Hook this ain’t. I used to think you might’ve been able to use 5H to set up a tit throw-I mean tick throw with this move, but that was just a myth. The M version screws with the AI due to the armor on it so you can spam it a lot and defeat some of the dumber opponents.

j.S is an airdash that gets you in but leaves you vulnerable. It’s best to be careful about using this one.

236S is your command grab super, and it’s pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I give it a rating of 4 HPBs out of 5.

Coco’s Combos

2M->5M(->5H if in corner)->2H(->214L if you intend to Superchat Cancel)->22x

This is the only combo you need probably.

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  1. so another small but important correction to make. j.s is not inactionable after. it has a small period before you can act, but you can block and use air normals as per normal this is important in the botan matchup, specifically because it lets you move back to around 3/4 distance and fly inbetween poi poi bombs if they don’t approach

  2. Small tip for completion’s sake: since we have a lot of brand new fg players it would be really wise to include short numpad notation guide at the top just so they won’t have to ask/google.

  3. I appreciate the guide. I want to one trick main Coco but it’s a struggle. As you mentioned early, her anti air attack has such a short range. If you do it too early, they’re too high. If you do it too late, she simply doesn’t attack/do the animation. It’s too pixel perfect.

    Also why does she seem to be the only idol that has a punishment for missing some of her special attacks? Yeah her range sucks compared to Botan who has range for all areas of fighting (air, prone, and standing). Aki has crazy range with her homing attacks. Fighting Sora and Ayame with swords makes it hard to go near them.

    Skill issue? Maybe. But damn she seems to be the least fun/rewarding to play. I will keep improving my Coco but the disadvantage seem to great to overcome. There’s a reason why Ayame and Botan are meta right now (currently the ones with the best/longest combo chains)

  4. oh also you left out a few of coco’s moves, like the 22G grab the 236G grab and the 214G grab, also the command list doesn’t list it but you can 3h for a hard knockdown with slightly larger range than the 2m (tho it doesn’t combo if you hit the tip of 2m since when i say slightly i mean SLIGHTLY) This can help give you the oki you need to start conditioning them to block.

    OH ONE LAST THING before i hit post: coco feels like a dash grab character with a buttload(asa coco load?) of command grabs more so than a grappler. in fact I just tested it and you can play her like one too, despite this game not having run cancels. and given with how this game treats command grabs with the slight delays in a combo causing it to not drop combo, she’s very much an aggressive grappler. I don’t think she’s in a good spot by any means, but i am very much fine with where she is at the moment.

    • Also just found out the 22g reset might super chat cancel into more of the 236X series. if they aren’t expecting the reset with 22x being the option if you know they are responding to it

  5. and while technicaly yeah you can jump the 236, when you get them stuck in wake up block strings enough times you can end them early to catch them off guard as part of your pressure game.

    other fun factt: it might be a gltich but you can combo into her other command grabs like the 214 and the 236 stuff (including the super one) if you delay the grab a bit. but it’s pretty inconsistant (i tested it a few times tho, just doing 5m to 214h shows that if i combo’d it i get a 4 counter, if i do it too early i get a wiff animation, and if i do it too late i get a 3 on the combo counter. I find that the 236 grab button grab is the most consistent when it comes to getting this down.
    her super goes from 337->348 if you use this technique to check with 5m befroe going for it , but once again the timing for it can be a bit rough

  6. to add to your combo, you get 22m- >22h if you wanna burn meter,, instead of going for the 2h you can go for 3h if you want oki

    if you have the acollab meter you can actually do a full 22x combo if they’re close enough.

    that is to say you can do
    (note: need full super chat meter with a 3 bar collab partner)
    5l -> 2l ->2m -> 5m-> 5h (-> 2h in corner) 22M XX 22L XX 22M XX22H (in the corner you can adjust it so that the second 22m is a 22h aswell) for 230…okay lok the damage scaling gets bad at this point not saying you should just saying you can, tho given the fact you can start from the 2L or from the 5L, this allows you to fight point blank sitautions (you you may need to not use the 2l or use it first in some sitauions, also don’t use the 22h twice unless you a. want the firsto ne to do more damage and b. are okay scaling it down and doing a reset on them)) but the useful thing about this is your run after a decent chunk of knockdowns can lead into this stuff

  7. it might be a struggle but I plan on staying dedicated because Coco was the one who originally introduced me to vtubers and because I always play the big slow grapplers but good guide thank you very much

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