Idol Showdown – How to Get the Most Credits in VF

Not only is this a way to get over 2500 credits in a single fight, it can also make you never die (kinda).

Tips to Get the Most Credits in VF

How to Do It

So, how does this thing work? It all revolves around a single consumable: Holo Chips.

Now if your wondering why they are so broken, its because of two reasons.

  1. They stack up to 15, making them the highest stackable consumable in the game, and more importantly.
  2. The duplicate items during the fight. You get it by getting lucky with Ame’s white van (same for AO chan and spider hotpot), and for pretty cheap.

So how is it so broken? the strat works with multiple items, but the best combo for damage is spider hotpot+AO chan (getting a ton of either will give you massive buffs instantly). The best combo for healing/credits is baby bottle+bread dog. the great thing is that once you have baby bottle +AO chan you can pretty much rack up enough credits to never need to get luck again. On average i was getting ~500 credits per fight with this method.

So What Are the Weaknesses?

There’s only really 1 big weakness, and that’s that everything relies on this one consumable. The best way to avoid getting caught out is to use them mainly before refill locations, and USE ALL OF THEM you can also use other items that have high max counts, or preferably chaos cheese for maximum chaos.

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