Immortal Mantis – Second Ending Guide

This guide is for people struggling to find the second secret ending, as seemingly the first person to find it i felt i should make a guide to help others. It should be noted that i’d prefer people find the ending themselves but for those that are completely stumped by the second ending, i have made this guide.

Guide to Second Ending

The Requirements

The only requirement i can notice for the second ending is that you reach the stage in the story where you are able to explore the exterior of the house freely.

The Clue

To Find ‘clue’ it is rather easy, all you need to do is search behind the trees to the left of the house to reveal a piece of paper detailing three graves with one of them empty.

The Graves

To make use of ‘The clue’ you must collect the crowbar require for the first ending and the shovel, which can be found on the opposite shelf to the crowbar in the same room.

With these tools you must make your way to the gravestone stationed to the right of the forest on the lowest stage, essentially heading right as soon as you enter the forest.

Using the shovel you found you can dig the newest grave, the one furthest down, to collect some wires.

The Call

Using these newfound wires you must make you way back to the house, to find the telephone connection box outside the front gate.

Using these wires you can repair the telephone connection, making use of them by heading into the living room of the house to the table next to the door to call for help.

After this call you can continue to play the game exactly the same as the First ending to unlock the second ending and it’s story puzzle.

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