IN-VERT: Definitive Edition – All Collectibles Guide

This guide will provide you with all of the locations of the collectibles and how to reach them for the “Full Collection” achievement.

Guide to All Collectibles


This guide will provide you with images and corresponding levels for all of the collectibles in the game. Level select is available after completing each level in case you want to go back and find them after beating the game.

Side note: the game has checkpoints and collectibles near the checkpoints will respawn. You should however not be required to find each collectible more than once.

Chapter I

Level 4:

Very hard to miss as it is near the end.

Level 8:

Right after you make it over the climb.

Level 10:

Right at the beginning near the third spinning cross.

Level 12:

Halfway through at a seemingly unreachable platform. After boosting yourself up through the pillar you jump down, which can be a bit tricky to pull off.

Level 14:

Halfway through the runway where you must jump up quickly to get it before continuing.

Chapter II

Level 7:

At the beginning: boost yourself up with the pillar, then go left and jump up using the next platform.

Level 12 (2 collectibles):

Halfway through you will encounter a upwards draft next to levels of spinning crosses. In the middle, right between three crosses, is the first one.

The second one is easy to miss. To access it you must use the updraft near the spinning crosses, jump across the top level and walk all the way to the right to reach it.

Chapter III

Level 6:

Next to the spinning cross near the end.

Level 8:

Must be collected immediatly at the beginning. To get it you must boost yourself up on the pillar, catch it and land back at the moving platform.

Level 10:

After the minefield and a bit hard to miss. Simply boost yourself up to get it.

Level 13:

While crossing the moving platforms you will end up on a smaller platform that will boost up you to the minefield at the top. Keep going left across the little platforms to reach the collectible.

Chapter IV

Level 3:

Easy to miss. After making it through the first portal, take the draft and right before crossing drop down to a hidden platform.

Level 5:

Switch to a white portal at the beginning and then walk all the way past the spinning crosses to a platform where the collectible is.

Level 6:

After getting through the first portals you must jump back and switch to brown while in mid air to reach the level above. Push the box to the right and jump across the mines to reach the collectible.

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