Industries of Titan – Accessibility Tips

Industries of Titan has several accessibility options.

Tips to Accessibility Options

Changing Language From Main Menu

The game generally correctly detects your system language, but in case it gets confused, you can change the language of the game at the main menu screen in the lower right.

Reducing Flashes Or Removing Screenshake

If you have health issues or nausea with either flashing or screenshake, you can reduce flashes or remove screenshake. You can find these options under Settings->Accessibility.

OpenDyslexic Support

If you have dyslexia, the font of the game can be changed to OpenDyslexic which is an OpenSource font that assists users with dyslexia by providing an easier to read font. You can find this setting under Settings->Accessibility->Font.

UI Scaling

If the UI is too small you can change the UI Scaling to help with readability. You can find this setting under Settings->Graphics->UI Scale (its at the bottom of the list).

Widescreen Options

There are also various options for widescreen monitors. You can find these under Settings->Graphics.

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