Industries of Titan – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Short list if some general game concepts not easily explained or overlooked.

Base Building

All credit goes to Reddie Systeem !

  • At the start of the game do NOT spend cash to unlock new buildings, only do this when you have established a stable income. You simply do not have the resources yet to build them.
  • Wind direction does not change during a game. Open the Pollution overlay and check the arrows, build polluting structures downwind and off course everything related to Population goes upwind.
  • When surveying ruins, some will have distinctive white markings on the side. These ruins will offer a building type of the following options: “Fuel Storage”, “Power Storage”, “Sensor”, “Absorb Pollution”, “Relay Energy” or “Produce Xethane”. These buildings do not require Power or Employees and are always a good find.
  • Since connected buildings can not be burrowed, avoid connecting important factories. When they are destroyed you have to rebuild everything inside manually, storage has to be re-filled 1by1.
  • Use the Building Blueprints for interior design in the build menu to quickly fill/build your interiors. (Found at the bottom of the build menu when inside) (These are not stored cross save.)
  • Employees can assemble or disassemble indoor buildings from a distance, I.E. a boxed in processor can stil be build.

Resource Management

  • Assign atleast 1 dedicated employee to each of the “Processing” Jobs and to “Empty Mines” in order to maintain a healthy production line.
  • Use “Auto Currency” at the bottom of the screen and manually check if you have enough T3/T2/T1 materials availabe. It is a big difference if they have to make 100 T1 trips or 4T3 trips saving your employee alot of time.
  • Only Salvage buildings when you need the resources or the occupied space, having alot of resources on the ground will create alot of unnecessary “Jobs” for your employees
  • The big mining nodes will slowly deplete but not lower than 10%, at this level it will still provide but should not be your primary source.
  • Resources on the ground do not count towards your pool, build storage near production buildings.

Base Defence / Combat

  • Connected buildings can NOT burrow, these buildings are specially vulnerable against attacks and should be well defended.
  • Fire will spread to adjacent buildings, roads prevent further spreading.
  • Displacing rebel buildings will progress the Threat level accordingly to the level of the rebel building.
  • When building do not enable or fill it with an employee, this will make sure the employee can do other jobs and save your power. Knowing how much power you will need and building power storage instead of more power generators also safes you employees. Be sure to enable “Call to arms” at any turret during the last 10% of the threat level to make sure they are filled when the attack arrives.
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