Infinite Progression – Debug Console

Have you ever wondered what the debug console even does? Well look no further.

The Debug Console, What Does This Do?

How to Show the Console

First you have to enable the console:

  • Go into settings from the main menu.
  • Toggle the debug console option.

Then you’ll need to load a save you want to use it with.

Finally press the ` key inside the game.

Console Commands

The help command

The help command does exactly what you would expect, it prints out a list of all the commands, what they do and the formatting for them.

Example: help

The addnext command

This command does the same thing as pressing the unlock next button, but for free.

Example: addnext

The addslider command

This command adds a slider module for free.

Example: addslider

The addmod command

This command is a little odd because you can only enter the first word in the name of the desired mod, this is a bug and will be fixed soon. But it adds a mod module of the corresponding mod.

Example: addmod multiplier

The listmods command

This command prints a list of the loaded mods.

Example: listmods

The modint command

This command sets an integer value of a mod, it will not fail if the value doesn’t exist.

Example: modint 2 var 10000

The modbig command

This command sets an BigNumber value of a mod, it will not fail if the value doesn’t exist.

Example: modbig 2 var 10000

The setslider command

This command sets the value of the slider at id.

Example: setslider 1 10000000

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