Inscryption – Foil Farming Techniques Guide

If you don’t know what foils are or haven’t seen them in the game you should turn back now. Otherwise, this is a guide about numerous strategies to farm ridiculous quantities of foils and it’s open to suggestions.

Guide to Foil Farming Techniques


This guide is a collection of foil generation strategies. If you have a new strategy, fell free to leave a comment about it and I’ll add a new section for it, crediting you for the strategy.

Endless Scrapyard

Required Cards

  • 1x Energy Conduit
  • 1x Steel Mice
  • 1x Bone Heap
  • 1x Any conduit card (I recommend a Factory Conduit)


  1. Reach 4 maximum energy.
  2. Have the above cards in your hand.
  3. Play your conduit cards to the left-most and right-most lanes to activate the Energy Conduit.


  1. Destroy any of your cards in the inner-left and inner-right lanes with the hammer.
  2. Play Steel Mice to any empty space without losing energy due to the activated Energy Conduit and keep a copy of Steel Mice due to its effect.
  3. Continue until a satisfactory quantity of bones have been farmed in the same turn.

Final Blow

  1. Destroy all your remaining cards with the hammer.
  2. Play Bone Heap to any space that will allow it to directly attack.
  3. Activate the ability of Bone Heap until you can no longer afford the bone cost.
  4. End your turn and watch as your Bone Heap deal an absurd amount of overkill damage in a single blow.
Written by dGameBoy101b

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