Inscryption – Gain Foils Guide (Quick and Fast Method)

Guide for gaining foils quickly and easily in Act 2.

Guide to Gaining Foils (Act 2)


Foils are the currency in Act 2. They can be spent at merchants to purchase cards and card packs.

Foils are awarded after card matches based on overkill damage. In this guide, we will exploit the dummy figure on the second floor of the mage tower, which you can play as many times as needed, to quickly earn foils.

The rest of this guide also contains spoilers. If you have read this introduction and have no idea what I’m talking about, you have likely not progressed to this point in this game and are discouraged from reading further.



Assemble the following deck first:

  • Sporediggers — Ideally 8-10. If you don’t have any, substitute with Gravediggers.
  • Gravediggers — Prioritize Sporediggers.
  • Bone Heap — One is enough.
  • Skeletons — 8-12.

Sample deck

Gain access to second floor of the mage tower

Defeat the mage’s understudy on the first floor of the mage tower to gain access to the second floor. The hint for the combination is in the note on the floor.

Card Match with the Dummy

Overview of Strategy

The objective is to gain as much overkill damage as possible. To do that, we will lay down Sporediggers/Gravediggers to dig up bones, and on the final turn before starvation kicks in, pump the bones into the Boneheap to deal massive overkill damage.

In the above screenshot, Lanes 1-2 will be primarily used for bone-digging until the final turn. Lanes 3-4 will be where you place skeletons to chip away at the scale, but no more than 4 marks.

If you reach the firth mark, you will win the match without any overkill damage. Once you are at 4 marks, use Lanes 3-4 for bone-digging too.

Opening moves

  • Place skeleton(s) on Lanes 3-4 and let them perish to become bones after one turn.
  • Use the bones gained to place Sporedigger/Gravediggers on Lanes 1-2.
  • Never play a Skeleton in Lane 1.
  • Save the Boneheap until the final turn.


Once you are at 3-4 marks on the scale, lay down diggers on all lanes.

  • Prioritize Sporediggers over Gravediggers. If you draw a Sporedigger with no empty spaces on the board, use the hammer on a Gravedigger to replace it with the Sporedigger.
  • Keep ending the turn while keeping an eye on the remaining card count.

End game

  • Eventually the remaining card count will reach zero.
  • Use the hammer on all your diggers to turn them into bones, and also to free up the lanes.
  • Next, play any skeletons you have in your hand, and use the hammer on them to turn them into bones too.
  • All that is left in your hand should be extra Gravediggers and the Boneheap. We will not play the Gravediggers at this point because they cost bones. (You gain back a bone when you use the hammer, but all that does to your bone count is break even. So save yourself the trouble.)
  • Lay down the Boneheap on Lane 3 or 4. Spend all your bones to increase its damage:
  • End the turn
  • Profit:

Note: You can actually play an extra turn after reaching card count zero. This allows your diggers to collect one turn’s worth of more bones and is especially effective if you can field a full lane of Sporediggers. Just be careful to place your Boneheap so that it is not obstructed by the Starvation card that appears on the opponent’s side.

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