Inscryption – RogueLite Mod Guide

How to install and configure the RogueLite mod, to play your favorite part of the game over and over again!

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Guide to RogueLite Mod

I made a roguelite mod for the game that limits the game to Act 2, Leshy’s Hut and keeps track of your score as you go. I wanted to play it over and over again, and I bet other folks do to. Here’s how to install the mod, and what changes it makes.


Please note that the patch probably requires a completed save file. I’m not sure, but it probably does.

Installing the game is as easy as downloading the patched binary here (looking for permanent hosting), and dropping it into the “Inscryption\Inscryption_Data\Managed” folder, replacing the original game assembly of the same name. If you’re not sure where to find that folder, clicking on the Steam “gear” icon and clicking “Browse Local Files” should take you right to it.

How to Play

Launch Inscryption. Go to chapter select (Esc, from the start menu) and select the 2nd chapter (the first chapter is the tutorial). You should load into a game with most everything unlocked, with the following tweaks:

  • It is impossible to progress to the next chapter.
  • Nearly all events from the first chapter have been triggered in advance, so you get the card unlocks.
  • After each battle, a score card appears, displaying the total amount of teeth you’ve collected into the currency bowl, and the number of turns you’ve taken in battle on the run. I figure this lets folks keep score, at least in a small way.

PS: I didn’t unlock thebee figurine, squirrel head, greater smoke, or extra candle. They warp the game too much. You can unlock them on your own though.

Written by Jasper


  1. Really wanted this to work, but I tried it and I was stuck on a glitched frozen main menu. Sad. Really wanted to try this mod out because Act 2 is my favorite part of the game. (For note I got it from alterupload, as it didn’t exist on filebin)

  2. I kind of want to face other players … man this concept is amazing – I really want this card game with all 5 variants My favortite act was 3 and 2 – I also like the very end act style minus deleting content mid duel XD

  3. Hey, cool idea for a mod, I’d love to try it but the website that’s currently hosting the file just puts out an error every time I try and download it and it makes you wait 60 minutes between tries

  4. how do you uninstall it tho? ive uninstalled the game and ive deleted the file and then reinstalled the game but it still won’t let me get past the fisherman

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