Integument – Beginners Guide

This is a brief guide to help you prepare for viewing Integument.

Guide to Basics

Not All Kingdoms Fall

We’ve discovered a new form of life. Not a microbe or a virus. Since they couldn’t be classified as animals, we added a new Kingdom to the tree of life.

Doctor Ikehara, nicknamed them, Hada. It’s Japanese for, skin. I went ahead and entered them as “Hada Kingdom,” in our taxonomy database.

They appear to mostly live on our skin and their connection to us is largely unknown. Forced Quantum Hall dating tells us they’re ancient, setting them back to around 4.4 billion years. Perhaps they’re a shadow offshoot. Possibly bridge between single cell to what eventually became multicellular organisms, just like us, humans.

  • User: mematron
  • Personal Log 01
  • Moonbase: Hoganbault Center for Research

The Interface

This is an interactive illustration of a microscope interface.

Beneath the opening interface I call the (HOOD), we see many things being processed in various states in the lower level; the (ENGINE). For the design language, I combined concepts such as; the process viewer of computer system; an organic circulatory system and the inner workings of a precision timepiece.

Some of it’s human readable for it is the intersection between what’s being seen and what’s being told. Information is categorized and stored. Eventually moving to the surface (HOOD), where it can be viewed with detailed information, i.e., animations, still images, color studies, specimen classification, anatomical renders, etc.

Supplemental information may be in the form of lab notes, personal logs, and anything else related to the needs of the user. This also permits the GUI to change overtime to accommodate the acquisition, storage and subsequent viewing of information.

The View

Things aren’t presented linearly to allow you to think and ponder meaningful relationships. Exploration is encouraged. It grants you access to images and texts that reveal more information about Hada lifeforms. Maybe you have to stop looking at it and go look up that term or symbol you saw.

One thing you can know for sure is that every single thing down to the pixel, has meaning. Nothing is by mistake.

Integument is a live experiment; figuratively and literally. For things that don’t fit here, I add to DLC content. There it’s the cleaned up, polished version of a subject hinted on here. At the same time everything supports each other and is connected.

How do you use it? Use it. Look at it. Explore. it’s art. That’s what art is for. You don’t need me to tell you how to see or how to feel. But, if I was going to ask you to do one thing when using this, it would be to ask yourself, “What if?”

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