Into the Radius VR – Ultimate Artifacts List

Please note: All credit goes to King Thomas of Kawaii!

A list of artifacts from Into the Radius and some of their uses, potentially for getting the Shine Bright achievement also.

List of Artifacts

Mission Artifacts

  • Atom: A small dark blue ball. Objective for the introductory mission “The First Expedition.”

Reminder that for this artifact to appear, like most artifacts, you have to have your artifact detector in hand and pull the trigger on it, making it send a light flash which will bring the artifact into reality.

  • Unknown: A green crystal, like a green version of Regen. The objective for the “Flash in the Dark” mission (gas mask required).
  • Heart: Green cluster of sort of webbed bars in a broken sphere shape. The objective for the mission “A Farewell Feast.”

How to get it: Requires 2 canned beef, 3 canned pineapples, 4 energy drinks, 5 chocolate bars, and 2 grenades placed on the red/white checkered tablecloth in the house of the mission location, then scan it with your artifact detector.

  • Hoop: A sort of dark green halo. Objective for the “Kids Playground” mission.

How to get it: Shine your pocket flashlight at the train lights in the mission location. Remember that your pocket flashlight can change from red to green by hitting the reload button on the hand holding it, just in case that’s required, I haven’t seen any good mission guides yet that explain. After you get the lights triggered you’ll hear a train horn, follow your detector to a flatbed and flash it for the artifact to appear.

  • Heavy Helix: A green spherical tangle of tubes. Objective for the “Radius Treasures” side mission.
  • Neon: A small dark green ball. Objective for the “In and Out” side mission.
  • Broken Shard: Resembles the Shard artifact, a blue bar, except in two broken pieces, though the artifact still holds like a singular object. Objective for the “Metastases” side mission. They come out of the sort of black mess anomalies that you have to shoot or stab to get them to drop the artifact (the detector doesn’t do anything on these anomalies though it does still click and the light turns green to indicate its location).
  • Shriek: Objective for the “Banshee Hunt” side mission.
  • Dark Grail: A small swirl bowl shape of rings. Emits a screaming sound when used which attracts enemies. Found in the castle, possibly for the final mission.

Sellable Artifacts

Most of these come from those dense clusters of anomalies that you have to wind your way through. Artifacts in anomaly clusters are always meant to have a clean path you can walk or crawl through and then will drop in a clear area where you shouldn’t have to go through any anomalies or take damage to pick them up.

Most of these tend to be bronze in color to indicate they’re just for selling.

  • Shard: A blue bar. Drops from the black mess anomalies that you have to shoot or stab to get them to drop the artifact.
  • Helix: Looks like the Heavy Helix but it’s bronze and is not used for any mission, just sell it.
  • Steps: Like a crystal star, bronze, and when you hold it in your hand and use it (pull the trigger) it will track your footsteps and make them glow on the ground. Could be useful for marking a safe path through anomaly clusters.
  • Regen: A small crystal chunk, bronze in color. When you hold this in your hand and use it (pull the trigger) it will toggle on to regenerate your health, but keep in mind this damages the artifact’s durability, and then it will be destroyed when it runs out. Cannot be repaired back at base. Sells for less when it has less durability. Probably best to keep these for gradual reliable heals, only sell if you really don’t need any other healing items.
  • Time Bubble: Can be thrown on the ground to create a bubble of slow time for about 15 seconds. Can also just be sold.
  • Night Eye: Gives you night vision when used. May have limited durability. Can also just be sold.
  • Blank: A couple of overlapped rings. Only for selling.
  • Flower: Looks kind of flowery, in a glowy bronze sort of way. Good for selling.
  • Stellation: A chunky looking block of glowy bronze. Just for selling.

Enemy Cores

Enemies used to drop cores in the previous version of the game but they don’t anymore. Here’s a description anyway.

  • Fragment core: Looked like a blue version of the Flower artifact. Sold for $40.
  • Spawn core: Looked like a blue version of the Helix artifact. Sold for $60.
  • Mimic core: Looked like a blue version of the Heart artifact. Sold for $100.
  • Slider core: Looked like a blue version of the Hoop artifact. Sold for $120.
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