Iron Rebellion – Basic Guide for New Players (Main Menu, Mech Class, Weapon Loadout)

Please note: all credit goes to Aarius!

This is a quick and to the point guide to help new players.

Beginners Basic Guide

Main Menu

This is the main menu. Select your game type here:

  • Social / Practice Room: self explanatory. Join here to practice in an obstacle course-style open lobby. There are zones with damage disabled and enabled.
  • Quick Match: 1v1 matchmaking. Gain points (data) by getting kills or capping the yellow points. Heal in the green circles.
  • Private 1v1 Match
  • The Surge: not yet released.

Mech Classes

Currently there is 1 Mech Class: The Medium.

It carries 2 weapons, one on each arm, and a back-mounted jump-jet.

There are more planned in development, including the Light and the Heavy.

Weapon Loadout

Between matches, you may alter your weapon loadout.

Your loadout will be reset to the default Ballistic Cannons after every match.

There are currently 2 Weapons: Ballistic Cannons and Photon Repeaters

  • Ballistic Cannons: 4 rounds per magazine, slow rate of fire, high damage.
  • Photon Repeaters: 30 rounds per magazine, high rate of fire, low damage.

Quick Match

Quick Match is the current pinnacle of pvp game-play.

  • 2 players fight 1v1 to garner 10 Data Points.
  • Players earn Data Points by capturing Data Points and by killing enemy mechs.
  • To cap a data point, locate the yellow beacon that extends into the sky. Stand in the glowing yellow circle for a few seconds until it disappears and relocates to a random position. The enemy will receive an audio alert when you begin capturing a point.
  • Killing an enemy mech grants will grant an additional data point. The losing mech will also lose a data point.
  • You may heal in the green circles. They re-spawn rapidly, refill significant health, and are a key advantage to control mid fire-fight.
  • Your enemy’s rank will be displayed in the cockpit on the right as “Threat Level”
  • Your rank will also be displayed as “Pilot Level”. AFAIK you rank up by winning matches of Quick Play.
  • Your rank is also visible from the top of the main menu.
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