It Lurks Below – Complete Survival Skill Tree Guide

A detailed guide that thoroughly explains each and every Survival Skill, and its value- along with recommendations for what to prioritize!

Complete Guide to Survival Skill Tree

Who’s This Guide For?

Hello and welcome to another of my guides to It Lurks Below! This guide is targeted toward players who are playing Survival and aren’t sure where to spend their points- or simply want to know what the details of a perk might be. I’ll start off by going through each skill individually, and end the guide with my some recommendations for which you should prioritize.

Note: Currently, you do not get enough Survival Skill points to obtain every single skill. There are enough to get all but one perk, so choose wisely which you’d rather not have!

What Are Survival Skills?

Survival Skills are part of the Survival system in It Lurks Below. You gain Survival experience by cooking some foods, planting crops, harvesting crops, mining, and chopping down trees during their final two growth stages. When you gain enough survival experience, you rank up and gain one survival skill point to place as you see fit! Press ‘v’ to open the survival skill tree.

Note: This guide assumes you are playing in Survival mode and any information within may (or may not) conflict with Descent and Creative modes.

Guiding You Through the Guide

Because of the layout of the survival tree pages and branches, I will be starting from page one on the leftmost branch, and working my way to the right until I reach the end of the skills on the final (rightmost) branch of that page. This will repeat until we have covered all skills available.

  • Page One – Mining Tree
  • Page Two – Farming and Cooking Tree
  • Page Three – Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree
  • Page Four – Alchemy and Scrolls Tree
  • Page Five – Livestock Tree

Occasionally a branch may ‘converge’ or split. So, for example, even though ‘Healing Potion’ splits into two different branches at the start of the Alchemy and Scrolls tree, I include it in the first branch for simplicity.

Mining Tree – Branch One

Copper Pickaxe – Gives you the ability to craft a copper pickaxe. A copper pickaxe does more damage to blocks than the basic pickaxe, and therefore mines faster. This has less value on Wizards and Clerics, as their passive adds a flat damage bonus to all attacks, including mining or chopping wood with the axe. Copper is found in the Mud Layer in Normal difficulty.

Mithril Pickaxe – Same as the Copper Pickaxe, this is just another base damage increase that effectively increases your mining speed if you lack other sources of +min/max damage. Mithril is found in the Ice Layer in Normal difficulty.

Adamantine Pickaxe – Another damage increase, but also the first Pickaxe that actually has a benefit besides just doing more damage. This pick will automatically store any blocks (NOT ORE) mined into your block inventory. If your block inventory is full, the blocks are destroyed. Great if you dislike the clutter caused by blocks dropping everywhere. Adamantine and Ochre ore are found in the Flesh Layer of Normal difficulty and the Mud Layer of Nightmare difficulty.

Divine Pickaxe – Again, a damage increase. But wait – there’s more! This is the one, singular Pickaxe (or item, period) capable of mining Corruption. So, if you want to trim that fleshy sore near your town, this is what you need. It requires Verdant and Gold ore. Gold can be found in the Bloody and Flesh Layers of Normal difficulty, and Verdant ore is found in the Ice and Slime Layers of Nightmare difficulty. Note that if you destroy/mine up all of the corruption, it will simply spawn a new patch the next time you are invaded.

Large Cobalt Pickaxe – The highest base damage pickaxe in the game. But that’s not all – this bad boy has 3×3 digging and the same block autoloot as the Adamantine Pickaxe. Fantastic if you don’t have a ring with 3×3 digging. Both Cobalt and Bronze ore are found in the Bloody and Flesh Layers of Nightmare Difficulty.

Mining Tree – Branch Two

Energetic Miner – Increases your mining speed by 50%! That feels great. Mining Speed in this instance refers to how fast you swing the pick- not how many swings it takes to dig a block. That is determined by the damage on the pick and any damage modifiers your character’s gear or abilities might add on top.
Rapid Miner – This Increases your mining speed by another 50% of your base, effectively doubling how quickly you swing that pickaxe. Easily one of the best quality of life improvements in the entire selection of survival skills.

Journeyman Geologist – Increases the Survival Experience (green bar on top of your ancient item hotbar) by 25%. Not bad. You’ll be mining a lot, so collectively it is free experience. Still, most experience will come from planting, harvesting, and cutting trees.

Expert Geologist – Increases you Survival Experience by another 25%. Again, if you’ve got the points to spare and there is nothing more pressing, it’s free experience.

Effortless Miner – Reduce Energy used in digging by 50%. Mine twice is much for the same effort as before! This is great if you’re farming a lot of ore and finding that you’re sleeping or drinking coffee more often than you’d like. Throw some Stamina Rating on your gear for good measure and this makes stamina maintenance far less painful.

Mining Tree – Branch Three

Fine Mining – Double the Stack size of all ore. Do you like big stack sizes? I do, and I’m not afraid to admit it. That leaves more room for more ore!

Neatly Stacked Bars – Double the Stack size of all metal bars. Bars on Bars. Stacks on Stacks. I like it like that.

Ore Magnet – Ore no longer bounces away. Did you know this game has gravity- and some bonus physics to go with it? Did you also know it actively works against and truly hates you? This helps with that. A little.

Lode Miner – Instantly pick up ore, gems, and quartz. Congratulations- these materials would rather be anywhere other than Below with all these monsters, so they jump right in your bag now! I’m sure you’ll take great care of them.

Note: This skill is currently (slightly) bugged. If you choose this skill before you have aquired an enchanting recipe by picking up Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, or Carnelian- you will not aquire appropriate recipe when you first pick up those gems. This is easily solved by simply dropping the gem in question through the ‘drop item’ option on your inventory screen, on the right side above your inventory slots. Make sure it says ‘drop item’ before dragging and dropping. Then pick the gem back up, and voila! You’ll get the correct recipes.

Bonus tip: Lode Miner will also add any ore, gem, or quartz mined by enemies (via block destruction) straight into your inventory. Make those Hellhounds work for you!

Mining Tree – Branch Four

  • Expert Miner: Rank 1 – Gain a 10% chance at mining an extra ore. Free materials, gotta love it.
  • Expert Miner: Rank 2 – Gain a 20% chance at mining an extra ore. Even more chances for free stuff!
  • Expert Miner: Rank 3 – Gain a 30% chance at mining an extra ore. Do I need to say it?! Get on this!

Mineral Expert: Gain a 20% chance at mining double quartz. Do you enjoy mining quartz in the hot and inhospitable badlands? If you do, then congrats here is more free stuff for your effort! If you don’t, then congrats, this means you’ll spend less time doing that! That’s called bi-winning.

Farming and Cooking Tree – Branch One

Note: Some recipes will require ingredients from other seasons, despite being unlocked as a ‘Spring/Summer/Autumn’ recipe.

Spring Recipes – This allows you to make basic food items with crops that grow in the Spring. These recipes are: Berry Jam, Tomato Soup, and Comfort Chili. They provide no bonuses.

Advanced Spring Recipes – This allows you to make some advanced food items with crops that grow in the Spring. These recipes are: Fantastic Pot Pie, Warm Berry Pie, and Burrito. These provide Blessing, Regeneration, and Digestion Rating, respectively.

Farming and Cooking Tree – Branch Two

Summer Recipes – This allows you to make basic food items with crops that grow in the Summer. These recipes are: Roasted Sunflower Seeds and Corn on the Cob. They provide no bonuses.

Advanced Summer Recipes – This allows you to make some advanced food items with crops that grow in the Summer. These recipes are: Hearty Veggie Bowl, Delicious Energy Bar, and Summer Salad. These provide Scaling Vitality, Stamina Rating, and Flat Vitality, respectively.

Note: You must have all basic and advanced recipes of all three seasons unlocked before you can place points in the following Chef skills.

Sous Chef – Extend all food buffs by 25%. That 15 minute Blessing buff you get for eating some Fantastic Pot Pie? Well now it lasts 20 minutes! That’s great stuff right there.

Head Chef – Gain +25 resistance rating to all elements for 10 minutes each time you eat a food that provides a buff/bonus. So all those advanced recipes? Each time you eat one, you’ll get another 10 minutes of that sweet, sweet free resistance!

Executive Chef – Gain +50 resistance rating to all elements for 10 minutes each time you eat a food that provides a buff/bonus. This is an upgrade to- not an addition to- Head Chef. But still, that is 50 free resist all and that is hard to beat. If you don’t die, you’ll see Executive Chef hit in the tens (or hundreds) of hours! Especially handy for Ogre characters that get less resists from Vigor, and anyone who chooses not to invest their stats into Vigor during the leveling process.

Farming and Cooking Tree – Branch Three

Autumn Recipes – This allows you to make basic food items with crops that grow in Autumn. These recipes are: Roasted Garlic, Roasted Cauliflower, and Mashed Potatoes. They provide no bonuses.

Advanced Autumn Recipes – This allows you to make some advanced food items with crops that grow in Autumn. These recipes are: Mashed White, Spaghetti, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. These provide Magic Find Rating, Flat Attack Power, and Critical Hit Rating, respectively.

Farming and Cooking Tree – Branch Four

Composter – This wondrous apparatus will allow you to turn your crops into compost! The amount of compost will scale with the crop’s ilvl, which is based on your character’s survival rank. Compost is a currency that is currently a bit underutilized, but is still necessary and valuable for some specific things. Small amounts are needed for building the barn, mushroom station, greenhouse, and beehives. Larger sums are required for planting all magical crops- ores, crystals, and the golden trees. Finally, Bubba, the vendor unlocked by purchasing the ‘Deluxe Barn Upgrade’ from Divo, sells various runeword recipes for compost.

Note: Having said all of this, you can easily get all the compost you need by using Scrolls of Ogre luck to get compost drops from enemies, as well as the normal compost drops from rune chests. So your use of this apparatus may or may not be necessary.

Magic Ore Lodes – Unlocks the ability to grow magical ore! You have probably noticed that once you reach a certain point, armor requires two different ore types to create. One in a large sum, the other in a smaller amount. That smaller amount is typically of a rarer ore, and this is the magical ore. You can use the ore you mine to create plantable bulbs of that type, and when it reaches maturity it will give you multiple ore per planted bulb. Potentially very helpful. It does, however, cost crystal shards, compost, and a sample of the ore you’re trying to grow to create each bulb.

Magic Crystal Veins – Unlocks the ability to plant and grow Crystals! That’s right. Those things you put in your armor? You can grow them! Totally organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, crystals baby! Neat. You’ll get a recipe for each shape of crystal, and when they grow completely they will have a random rarity just like drops. And, just like drops, you can positively affect your odds of getting better rarity crystals by wearing as much Magic Find as possible when planting! The level of the crystals will scale with your own actual level- not your survival rank.

Note: Growing crystals requires a LOT of crystal shards, and should really only be done if you have need of a particular shape for your weapon slot. For example, getting a triangle weapon slot but only getting Octagonal drops at level 100 means you’ll need to grow your own. Regardless, you will not get enough crystal shards back to sustain growing them indefinitely. But, if you have the shards to spare, go for it! It’s fun.

Golden Trees – Unlocks the ability to grow golden tree saplings! Congratulations, money really does grow on trees now! This will require some crystal shards, compost, and most importantly- Golden Fertilizer. It drops from basically any source, but most commonly from Bosses and seed bags. The amount of Gold that drops scales with your Survival Rank, and the tree is grown on plots like other crops. Unlike regular trees, these will not regrow after chopping them down.

Farming and Cooking Tree – Branch Five

Extra Planter Box – Allows crafting of a second Planter Box. This is by far the most valueable point you could spend at the start of the game- doubling the size of your crop potential from 10 to 20 with a single point is a no-brainer.

Refrigerator – Learn to make a refrigerator! This fantastic apparatus only stores food, and no matter how many you make they will always share the same inventory of 8 slots. However, you can keep a copy in your inventory to place down wherever and whenever you like- which means you can keep lots of food on hand at all times!

Mushroom Station – Learn how to make a mushroom station that produces (surprise!) mushrooms. Don’t sleep on this. Morris is there to hook you up, and you should absolutely let him. Firstly, this station (unless modified by another skill) produces only Snack, Meal, and Feast mushrooms. So, you know that no matter what pops up, it is both edible and 2/3 of the time it will be very filling. Secondly, it requires absolutely no upkeep outside of actually picking the mushrooms that sprout to make room for more mushrooms. If you aren’t sold yet then understand this- the Feast Mushrooms are, by a substantial margin, the highest nutrient food in the game currently. They also stack up to 40, unlike every prepared food item. Did I mention you don’t need to prepare or cook them, and they can be found throughout the underground at every stage of the game? Take some shrooms and feel the love.

Greenhouse – Learn to make a Greenhouse! Winter getting in the way of your food supply? Not anymore. Tired of waiting for the right season to come so you can farm the right crops for your favorite buffs? Not anymore. Have you ever felt concerned about the lack of Grumpy Garden Gnomes in you life? Never again. This baby comes with 16 total plots that can grow any plant in any season, and she’s staffed by 83-Consecutive-Employee-of-The-Month-Winner Grumps the Grumpy Garden Gnome. He sure is lovable.

To make the Greenhouse, you’ll need some Compost, Crystal Shards, Shaped Stone Bricks, Dirt, and Glass Windows…. What’s that? You’ve never seen glass before? Well, you’ve gotta make it with sand of course! Never seen any sand? Crazy. It’s found inside portals! … You haven’t seen a portal? Well now you’re just pulling my beard!

Okay, silly aside, you need to find a portal to get the sand to make the glass. To do this, you either get lucky ( 50/50 chance for 1 portal on a Normal Difficulty map) and find it yourself- or you keep buying Normal World Books from The Wizard Soule, reset the map, and use those nifty Scrolls of Portal Location to highlight them on your map. If there isn’t one, a big ol’ popup will appear that tells you no portals were found.

Mushroom Connoisseur – Add beneficial Badlands mushrooms to your station. Remember how I said the Mushroom station only grows those three types of feed mushrooms? Well, if you put a point here, you’ll make a liar out of me. I would highly advise against it, unless you really don’t want all those tasty shrooms. They’ll still spawn- just less often. Occasionally, with this, you’ll get a random Ogre Mushroom that gives various buffs and bonuses instead of filling your stomach. Ironic, considering how large the Ogre Mushrooms are comparatively….

Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree – Branch One

Extra Harvest – Gain a chance to pick an extra crop when harvesting. Do you like free food? This is how you get free food.

Extra Bloom – All of your bushes give an extra bloom before rotting. You know those crops that take ages to mature and then keep repopulating their crops few days before finally disappearing? This gets you another day of that repopulating portion. Berries, Beans, Tomatoes- oh my!

Efficient Storage – Double the Stack size of all crops! Putting 40 things in a single spot instead of only 20 sounds great to me!

Harvest Seeds – Gain a 2% chance of creating a seed when harvesting a crop. 2% May not sound like a lot, but trust me when I tell you that you’ll be tossing away extra seeds before long.

Harvest Experience – Gain 25% more survival experience while harvesting. More experience is always a good thing.

Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree – Branch Two

Squirrel Away – Double the stack size of all seeds. Again, 40 instead of 20 sounds great to me!

Seed Composting – Gain the ability to compost seeds. Eh… don’t expect much from this. Seeds give very little compost. However- you get something for your garbage that would otherwise get tossed in the trash.

Planting Experience – Gain 25% more survival experience while planting! Fantastic. The more you gain, the faster you’ll get those other perks!

Bonus Seeds – Gain an additional 15% chance of a second seed when extracting from a crop. Between this and Harvest Seeds, you’ll be able to propagate your food far more consistently and have extra crops left over to eat far more sustainably – which is the whole point, right?

Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree – Branch Three

Expert Lumberjack – Extract 50% more wood from trees. If you’re building stuff with wood or using tons of torches, this can help sustain your little ‘wood habit’. Honestly, this isn’t a terrible purchase early on if you’re really focused on power leveling your survival rank. Trees give the largest single amount of experience at once (75) each time you cut them down. However, they only give this experience if they are at the small tree stage and actually drop wood instead of sticks. So, cutting them down the day before they reach their full potential means you’ll get to cut them down 33% more often- but you’ll only get 33% or so of the wood you’d get from a full size tree…. Is it worth it? Depends on just how much you love wood. Or money. Turning wood into parchment sells for a goodly sum early on- enough to fund a few ancients for a rank or two.

Hoe – Learn to make a hoe to till any dirt block. This requires both Verdant and Russet ore, found only in the Ice and Slime Layers of Nightmare Difficulty. This handy little tool allows you to turn any ‘dirt’ type block into a usable plot for crops. While these crops must still abide the changing of the seasons, there is no limit to the number you may have. Have fun with that!

Pulaski – Learn to make a Pulaski, which combines the Hoe and Axe into one tool. This requires Crimson and Vibrantium ore which are only found in the Mud, Ice, and Slime Layers of Hell Difficulty. It’s a useful improvement that helps minimize inventory clutter, and the only improved axe in the game. So enjoy it!

Expert Tiller – Till the ground twice as fast. This lets you swing your Hoe (or Pulaski) twice as fast as you previously could! Fantastic.

Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree – Branch Four

Meat Entrees – Unlock useful meat recipes…. ‘useful’ is a strong word. None of these recipes give buffs. But if you want to make a Burger, Corned Beef with Cabbage, or Beef Stew… knock yourself out!

Efficient Butcher – Double the stack size of all meat and meat dishes. If you’re going to eat a lot of meat, this isn’t a bad deal.

Meat Steaks – Gain 25% more feed from meat and meat dishes. It’s always nice to eat less and feel fuller for it!

Meat Compost – Gain the ability to compost meat. Like seeds, this doesn’t provide much compost. However, like seeds, it’s basically free compost for your trash.

Crops, Seeds, and Foraging Tree – Branch Five

Mushroom Dishes – unlocks recipes to cook mushrooms. Gives you the ability to make Breaded Mushrooms, Garlic Mushrooms, Spicy Mushrooms, and Creamy Mushrooms. The latter two dishes are of note, as they both give 10 resistances to two elements each – together, that’s 10 resistances to all elements. However, the annoying nature of collecting all the different mushroom types required to craft these dishes make their usefulness… questionable.

Extra Forage – Gain a chance to pick an extra mushroom when harvesting. Free food? Yes. Free Feast Mushrooms?! Hell yes.

Mushroom Storage – Double the stack size of Mushrooms. Remember how I said mushrooms stack to 40? Well, you need this to make that happen. Until then, it’s only 20.. which is a measly four times better than every other cooked dish instead of eight times better. Who could ever live with that?

Mushroom Nutrition – Gain 25% more feed from mushrooms and mushroom dishes. Feast Mushrooms that feed 25% better than the already best feed in the game? Crazy. I think 25% better than the best makes them the bestest, right?

Mithridatism – Reduce the negative mushroom effect lengths by 50%…. why are you eating negative effect mushrooms? They don’t have a good nutritional/feed value. If you need to Identify them, use a scroll! Or only eat them once and suffer for a whole 20 seconds. I wonder what you’ll do with the 10 seconds you save with this perk? Whatever it is, do your best for me, okay?

Alchemy and Scrolls Tree – Branch One

Note: The healing potion recipes are largely expensive and painful to craft from scratch. However, these recipes are fantastic for upgrading older potions you’ve collected into better, higher healing ones.

Healing Potions – Learn how to craft healing potions! This will give you the recipe to craft all potions from Normal Difficulty. The minor potions will require one berry and one iron ore to craft. Basically free to craft early on with all the iron ore in the dirt layer and the berry bushes across the surface giving you berries each day for the first two seasons. However, each potion thereafter requires the previous potion, the next ore, and some crystal shards. For Example, to craft a Potion of Lesser Healing you will need 1 copper ore, 10 crystal shards, and 1 potion of minor healing. This trend continues for all healing potions in the game, excluding one you can make with honey.

Nightmare Healing – Learn how to make Nightmare healing potions. To craft these, you’ll need the previous potion along with ore from Nightmare Difficulty and crystal shards.

Hell Healing – Learn how to make Hell healing potions. To craft these, you’ll need the previous potion along with ore from Hell Difficulty and crystal shards.

Inferno Healing – Learn how to make Inferno Healing potions. To craft these, you’ll need the previous potion along with ore from Inferno Difficulty and crystal shards.

Potions of Invulnerability – Learn how to make Potions of Invulnerability! These will make you immune to all damage for 3 seconds. The timer resets if another is consumed while one is still active, so the time does not stack. These are incredibly expensive to make- requiring 5 Potions of Legendary Healing, 10 Sunrise Ore, 1 Golden Fertilizer, and 15,000 crystal shards. Use them wisely, if at all.

Alchemy and Scrolls Tree – Branch Two

Healthy Dose – Double the stack size of all healing potions from 5 to 10. Twice the healing on your hotbar in case of emergency- need I say more?

Healthier – Increase the effectiveness of health potions by 10% of their base. 10% more healing may not seem like much when a potion heals for 120, but how about when it heals for 30,000?

Healthiest – Increase the effectiveness of health potions by 25% of their base. Again, bigger return for bigger potions.

Healing Reload – Automatically replace potions of the same type in your hotbar from your inventory. Talk about absolutely awesome skills – this bad boy essentially means that if you have four stacks of 10 potions in your inventory and another stack of 10 on your hotbar, you have 50 potions on demand at any time during combat. No swapping or manual refills required! Insane, right? Did I mention healing potions don’t come with a cooldown?

Alchemy and Scrolls Tree – Branch Three

Neatly Stacked Papers – Double the stack size of all scrolls from 10 to 20. Condensed storage is always better storage.

Longer Lasting – Increase the length of all scroll effects by 25%. This will help you maintain those buffs for longer periods- perhaps even constantly!

Longest Lasting – Increase the length of all scroll effects by 50%. Congrats, that 15 minute scroll now lasts for 22.5 minutes instead. Enjoy the mountain of free perpetual buffs!

Death isn’t the End – Scroll effects remain through death. Very useful for the deathly-inclined. Don’t want to lose all those stacked scroll buffs because of a misplay, right?

Alchemy and Scrolls Tree – Branch Four

Larger Mug – Double the stack size of all coffee potions from 5 to 10. Gotta love all these quality of life stack increases, right?

Fresh Pot – Add 2 minutes of well-rested (stamina rating) when you drink coffee. Make your coffee’s stamina refill last even longer!

Barista – Learn how to make Espresso and Latte drinks. Espresso gives twice the stamina boost as regular coffee, and Latte does the same while also giving you digestion rating! Keep in mind that your coffee limit is tied to how many of ANY coffee type you drink, so use these to get the most bang for your overly-caffeinated buck.

Master Roast – Increase the effectiveness of all coffee by 25%. Wow. Gone are the days of needing 3 or 4 coffees to refill most of your stamina- now have a Latte or Espresso and see ~70% of your stamina come back instantly! Kill still more, sleep less.

Livestock Tree – Branch One

Chicken Coop – Learn how to craft a chicken coop that creates eggs every day. Free food is good food, and free food that requires no maintenance is one of the best foods. Hard to argue with it.

Star Hen – Have a small chance at two eggs spawning each time the Chicken Coop produces an egg. Gotta keep the production lines going- your belly won’t fill itself!

Two Coops are Better than one – Learn how to craft a second coop. Wow! Double Chickens all the way, man. It’s beautiful!

Nutritious Egg – Gain 25% more feed form eggs and egg dishes. Free food with no maintenance that is now even more filling? I think that’s a steal.

Livestock Tree – Branch Two

Barn – Learn how to craft a barn that creates milk every day. Did you spot that poor Mooffulo that showed up after Commander Vile ‘retired’, all by its lonesome, just waiting to be rescued? Of course you did. You have a heart, don’t you? Give a Mooffulo a home, and it’ll give you its heart. And some milk.

Note: The barn is also host to the compost runeword vendor, Bubba. You’ll need to purchase the Deluxe Barn upgrade from Divo for them to show up, but it’s well worth it. Your Mooffulo needs a friend and you need something to spend that compost on, right?

Remarkable Mooffulos – Have a small chance at two milks spawning instead of one! Double free stuff is always cooler than not-double-free-stuff. Probably.

Cheesemaker – Learn how to create cheese from milk. All the lactose, none of the intolerance! Enjoy.

Milk Gallon – Double the stack size of milk from 5 to 10. If you’re a big cheese or lattee lover, you’ll really enjoy this! Probably. Maybe.

Artisan Cheesemaker – Learn how to create Bleu Cheese, which provides 15% increased Experience Gain! Not a bad bonus to have.

Livestock Tree – Branch Three

Beehive – Learn how to craft a beehive that produces honey every day. Bees are your best friend, you know why? Because you need their Honey to make Enchantments for your gear. The honey makes a pretty sweet tea as well….

Honey Tea – Learn how to make Honey Tea, which heals for 40% of your Total Health instead of a flat number. The more health you have, the better these are.

Busy Bees – Have a small chance at two honey jars spawning instead of one. How wonderful! They work so hard for us, don’t they?

Large Colony – Learn how to craft a second beehive. A welcome addition to every growing family.

Large Honey Containers – Double the stack size of honey from 10 to 20. Considering how many enchantment tomes you’ll be crafting, you’re going to be hoarding a lot of this stuff. The more you can fit in one spot, the better!

Recommended Priorities

Please note that these priorities/recommendations are my own opinion and yours may differ. Also note that some selections are chosen because they allow access to further skills, and not because they are inherently valuable.

  • 1 – Planter Box
  • 2 – Energetic Miner
  • 3 – Rapid Miner
  • 4 – Extra Harvest
  • 5 – Extra Bloom
  • 6 – Efficient Storage (crops)
  • 7 – Harvest Seeds
  • 8 – Harvest Experience
  • 9 – Squirrel Away
  • 10 – Extra Planting
  • 11 – Seed Composting
  • 12 – Planting Experience
  • 13 – Bonus Seeds
  • 14 – Copper Pickaxe
  • 15 – Spring Recipes
  • 16 – Advanced Spring Recipes
  • 17 – Summer Recipes
  • 18 – Advanced Summer Recipes
  • 19 – Autumn Recipes
  • 20 – Advanced Autumn Recipes
  • 21 – Sous Chef
  • 22 – Head Chef
  • 23 – Executive Chef
  • 24 – Composter
  • 25 – Mithril Pickaxe
  • 26 – Barn
  • 27 – Beehive
  • 28 – Fine Mining
  • 29 – Neatly Stacked Bars
  • 30 – Neatly Stacked Papers
  • 31 – Larger Mug
  • 32 – Healing Potions
  • 33 – Healthy Dose
  • 34 – Healthier
  • 35 – Healthiest
  • 36 – Healing Reload
  • 37 – Refrigerator
  • 38 – Mushroom Shack
  • 39 – Greenhouse
  • 40 – Adamantine Pick
  • 41 – Ore Magnet
  • 42 – Lode Miner
  • 43 – Expert Miner: Rank 1
  • 44 – Expert Miner: Rank 2
  • 45 – Expert Miner: Rank 3
  • 46 – Mineral Expert
  • 47 – Longer Lasting (scrolls)
  • 48 – Longest Lasting (scrolls)
  • 49 – Fresh Port
  • 50 – Barista
  • 51 – Master Roast
  • 52 – Honey Tea
  • 53 – Busy Bees
  • 54 – Large Colony
  • 55 – Large Honey Containers
  • 56 – Mushroom Dishes
  • 57 – Extra Forage
  • 58 – Mushroom Storage
  • 59 – Mushroom Nutrition
  • 60 – Divine Pick
  • 61 – Expert Lumberjack
  • 62 – Hoe
  • 63 – Journeyman Geologist
  • 64 – Expert Geologist
  • 65 – Effortless Miner
  • 66 – Nightmare Healing
  • 67 – Hell Healing
  • 68 – Inferno Healing
  • 69 – Invulnerability Potions

… After this point, it is largely personal preference. Pretty much every skill of real, substantial value is had.

Again, this is more of a loose guideline than strict point placement, so if you choose to deviate after the first 13 points, that is totally fine. The first 13 are, however, the absolute best choices you can make, and I would never suggest getting anything else (even if you get them in a different order).

Written by Skezla

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