Jabroni Brawl: Episode 3 – How to Change or Disable View and Weapon Tilt

Do you want to lower or disable that weird effect when your normally moving around? This guide will show you how to fix that!


While the view tilt effects are in line with the wackiness that Jabroni Brawl encapsulates, the constantly tilting effect can get annoying.

The setting to chance this is not accessible through the game’s menus themselves; however, you can change it through the use of console commands.

Even better, a special file called an autoexec can be used to automate typing in those command every time you launch the game.

The Fix (Premade Autoexec)

Download and save this premade autoexec from my GitHub to somewhere accessible (i.e. the desktop).

In your Steam Library, search for Jabroni Brawl, and then single click to select it.

On the right hand side of the window, click on the gear, highlight over Manage, and then click Browse local files.

In the newly opened window, click the jbep3 folder,and then click the cfg folder.

Move the downloaded autoexec.cfg to the directory you last opened.

Further Modifications

If you want to make changes to this config, you can do it with almost every text editor (Visual Studio Code and Notepad++ are good choices, but you can use Notepad too).

Right click autoexec.cfg > Open With > [Your text editor of choice]

Additional Settings

Lines with two forward slashes (//) are comment lines. The game will ignore the contents after those slashes until the next line.

I’ve included a few other lines unrelated to the fix here which I consider to be useful options; if you delete the slashes before the command, you can use those too.

The Commands Themselves

This is for people who already know what they’re doing.

View Rolling

// View Rolling; camera tilt when strafing
jb_cl_viewroll 1 // If 1, enable camera rolling when strafing left or right Def. 1
jb_cl_viewroll_angle 0.5 // If > 0 How far the camera can drift when strafing (support floats, cannot be negative) Def. 1
jb_cl_viewroll_speed 65 // If >0, the camera will tilt this fast until it hits the max roll angle Def. 65


// Viewmodel general
viewmodel_fov 70 // Viewmodel and hands size; higher values make them smaller, but may show minor issues and glitches Def. 54
vm_draw_addon 1 // If 0, do not draw the hands allocated to your playermodel Def. 1

// Viewmodel sway
jb_cl_vm_max_lag 0.1 // How long a viewmodel can stay moving before it resets to it's default position (0 will hide the viewmodel) Def. 0.6
jb_cl_vm_forward 0.01 // View model look - max forward Def. 0.01
jb_cl_vm_right 0.01	// View model look - max right Def. 0.01
jb_cl_vm_up 0.01 // View model look - max up Def. 0.01

Misc. Commands

// Listen server ("Host a game") settings
con_enable 1 // Enables the developer console if not done through other methods Def. 0
sv_lan 1 // LAN mode; local network only, and do not list on the server browser Def. 0
sv_cheats 1 // Enables cheats on a listen server; required for some commands. Also disables unlocking (hidden) achievements while enabled. Def. 0

fov_desired 110 // Main FOV setting; how much you can see (between 75-110) Def. 90

An Extra Note About Jabroni Brawl Commands

For some reason (likely to avoid default engine behaviour), some commands in Jabroni Brawl don’t use the standard commands typically used in other Source Engine games.

Some are prefixed with jb_<original_command_name>, others don’t use a prefix at all.

In any case, you can use the find command to search for all commands available to you; providing that they’re documented, of course.

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