Jurassic World Evolution 2 – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

A guide/walkthrough to complete all the achievements, with tips to beat some maps.

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies

All credit goes to Thertex!


The best way to follow this guide is to do the missions in order, first Campaign, then the Chaos Theory missions, then the challenges and finally creation mode.

  • DLC Required: Not yet (deluxe pack makes it a bit easy some maps because you have more dinos to use).
  • Missable Achievements: NO.
  • Hours to 100%: 70-100h.
  • Difficulty: 3/10.

I will treat the hidden achievements like revealed. If you need a list for the hidden achievements, you can check this guide.


First Mission: Arizona

Brave New World

  • Complete the first Story Location

This map has no difficulty, just complete it. You can obtain 3 misc achievement if you do it manually instead of create a task for your guards:

Count Backwards from 5, 4, 3…

  • Manually Tranquillise a Dinosaur or reptile

That Wasn’t Luck

  • Hit a dinosaur or reptile with a tranquiliser dart from a distance of at least 125m

You can save before try the 125m shoot, so you can test the distance. I recommend reach the max altitude you can with helicopter.

What do we Have Here?

  • Manually Scan a Dinosaur or reptile

Second Mission: Washington

Washington Complete

  • Complete the second Story Location

Like map 1, fast and easy map.

Third Mission: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Done

  • Complete the third Story Location

In this map we are able to research and build Paleomedical facility. So we will obtain:

Down in the Laboratory

  • Complete a Research Task

And if we control the MVU team manually:

I’m a Doctor

  • Manually cure a Dinosaur or reptile of a disease

Fourth Mission: Oregon

Oregon Out

  • Complete the fourth Story Location

Fifth Mission: California

Entered a New Era

  • Complete the fifth Story Location


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