Jurassic World Evolution 2 – 3 Ways to Spice Up Lagoons in Your Park (No Mods!)

Need help trying to find a use for lagoons in your park? This guide will show you 3 ways to use them! I hope you enjoy using these methods in your future parks!

(Remember, the best way to build your sandbox park is imagination. You can pretend your guest can view through the fences that aren’t concrete, for example.)

1) The Lagoons Side

Did you know, when using the lagoons, you can remove the ground on the outside of the lagoon to see a concrete wall? Well, we can use that to our advantage by creating a sort of wall for our guest making them feel enclosed. Here, we can make a guest hub, a hotel area, and much more!

We can also use it for an enclosure background, since fences can go inside the wall a little.

2) A ‘BoardWalk’

Now, have you every thought your guest should get a little closer to the lagoon? Well, with this method, you can put them right there! You can also put tables and chairs out here so your guest can eat/sit right next to the lagoon!

I’d recommend a Mosasaurus (At the time of making this) in here because a Kronosaurus would just prefer fish, and goes for the fish more often than the shark.

3) The Waterside Towers

Now, with this method, guests can get a high up view of your aquatic creatures! All you have to do is place a viewing tower the closest you can to the lagoon! You could pretend that the tower goes underground, too, to view from the water!

Written by ThatBaryonyx

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