Jurassic World Evolution – How to Keep All Your Dinosaurs Happy

In this guide i’ll show you how to keep your park peacefully.

Guide to Keep All Dinosaurs Happy

Comfort Levels

Health / Food / Water

Health: depends on the food, water and medication given to the animal.

Food: Dinosaurs can feed by 5 types of feeders.

  • Carnivore Feeder (for all carnivores).
  • Live Bait Feeder (for all carnivores).
  • Fish Feeder (for wetland carnivores).
  • Ground Herbivore Feeder (for small and medium herbivores).
  • Tall Herbivore Feeder (for big herbivores).

Water: Go to the Landscaping mode and click the water drop icon.Now draw water as much as you want.

Medication: There’s two different reasons to have this problem

  1. Dinosur can’t access to water and food – See what prevent them from food and water,then fix it.
  2. The dinosaur has contracted a disease – Use ranger team’s vehicle to medicate them.You should have to research in research center about diseases before you medicate dinosaurs.


Grassland means the space that dinosaur want and the other small plants.

There’s two ways to fix this problem:

  1. Make the cage bigger
  2. Make some more grassland using the landscape mode option.


Forest means the tree area dinosaur needs.The only way to fix this is planting more trees using landscape mode.


Wetland means the water area dinosaur needs.There’s only one way to fix this.It is,use the landscape mode to make water


Population means the dinosaur count that can live together.It has a minimum and a maximum.It can be a any dinosaur category.


Social means the number of same dinosaurs that can live together.It also has a minimum and a maximum.


To keep this in a good level,you should have to get all above to a good level.

How does dinosaurs getting aggressive and how to prevent from it.

There are several ways dinosaurs can be aggressive.I will mention about 4 of them.

  1. Dropping comfort level

Dropping comfort level is a main reason to dinosaurs try to brake their cages and aggressive to guests.Read the section above to maintain it correctly.

  1. Storms

Storms can come to every island.It damage buildings and also make dinosaurs aggressive too.

  1. Missions

There’s three mission per each island. In some of these, dinosaurs are aggressive by missions.You can do nothing about it.By building several walls together,you can minimize the breakage of walls.Also keep your ranger team and ACU team active.

  1. Ranger Team

In some times ranger teams would be a disturb for dinosaurs.Then the dinosaurs will be aggressive.If you are in a situation like this,move the vehicle quickly.

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