Just Shapes & Beats – How to Beat Paper Dolls Level

This guide is going to tell you tips and tricks to beat one of the hardest levels in the game paper dolls.

Paper Dolls Level Guide

Level Layout (Explanation)

This section will tell you about the different names i’ll be using throughout the guide.

The level is divided into 4 sections by 3 checkpoints.

Section 1: The beginning of the level and the introduction to the main concept, the blocks moving to the right.

Section 2: Is the longest section. It introduces the spinning wheels and mostly repeats the first section.

Section 3: Is the introduction the the final section, where blocks will move from the right, top and bottom.

Section 4: Continues and pursues section 3. This time the blocks are more complicated and faster. Then the level ends with the song fading out.


I will be using certain terms to describe the attack types in this level, they are:



‘Lasers’ (Long line strips that go horizontally/vertically down the screen)

‘Big wheel’

Tips on surviving every section and a more in-depth view of the level

Please read the first section, otherwise nothing will make sense.

I’ve made a video that you can refer this guide to:

Section 1: Requires you to dodge pellets coming from the right, lasers and blocks coming from the right. I do not recommend dashing through the blocks, it’s very unpredictable and will most likely get you hit. If you need to move, dash through the lasers, carefully avoiding the pellets. Other than that, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Section 2: Requires you to repeat section one and will also introduce a big wheel, requiring you to stay in the middle. This section isn’t too hard, it’s basically a repeat of the first section. The big wheel may stun you at first, but just stay in the middle. I recommend moving up or down to avoid the projectiles during the big wheel part instead of dashing right/left.

Section 3: Requires you to dodge the blocks again, now from the right, top and bottom. This is by far harder than the previous sections. I’d recommend going in the holes rather than dashing, only dash through them if you can’t make it through the holes. Never stay on the very top/bottom or right of the screen, as that is where the blocks will form. After dodging one wave of blocks, always get back to the middle by dashing. it’s a very short section altogether so it shouldn’t be too hard

Section 4: This is by far the hardest section. This repeats section 3 but blocks will start to move towards you faster. It repeats the same principle that there are certain holes you can go through but more blocks will spawn from either side. The pattern will always repeat, the right blocks will attack first, then the top/bottom, then the right again. Again, always dash to the middle after clearing one wave of blocks so you can move easily.

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