Kerbal Space Program 2 – Quick Fix Guide (Noodle Rocket Fix)

Some fix to have a better experience during Early Access.

Guide to Quick Fix

All credit goes to (BLK) Telu!

Noodle fix

Go into:

  • C:/Users/Your_username/AppData/LocalLow/Intercept Games/Kerbal Space Program 2/Global

Find and open PhysicsSettings.json using a text editor.

Search for JOINT_RIGIDITY line.

Edit the value to 1500002.0.

Save and launch the game.

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  1. i cant let the kerbals go back inside the capsule during a mun landing. i click the F and B but nothing happens. the capsule is cockatoo.

  2. My memory isn’t the best but im pretty sure joints between parts wobbled quite a lot in KSP 1 if you don’t use struts. There’s 0 wobble when you use struts in ksp1 and ksp2 for me.

  3. I noticed the wobble and that makes the vessel to turn out of the wanted heading and higher consumption of RCS propellant.. Maybe that is in the game on purpose. I like a challenge and use structure parts to improve the model. Maybe developer could add a tick in the settings so that player can chose the feature or not. My taste is that the game is challenging and hard. That is making me play It. I don’t know, maybe the option is already in settings. I play the game as It was given. I miss a feature like motorised servo rotation on a docking port. I also miss advanced settings for PID gain attributes for SAS and RCS.

    • If you compare to KSP1, the wobble is too much in KSP2. I think it’s a bug because they still test the new engine.

    • Following guide i make the part attachment more solid between each others. So, the rocket do not wobble on the launch part or during flight. You don’t have a noodle effect anymore, improving the flight experience a lot.

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