King Lucas – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


I couldn’t find much info about this game online so I decided to make a basic achievement walkthrough to get everything in one playthrough somewhat efficiently.

Level 1

Don’t need to buy anything this round. Try to save your keys as well. You can almost always go around the doors. Focus on killing slimes/slugs (same thing) and spiders, as they’re the only enemy kills needed for achievements. Work your way through the 24 rooms systematically until you find the princess.

Levels 2-9

First thing to do is find the blacksmith and buy a Sword of Ice for 330 gold or Sword of Fire for 320 gold and work on enemy kills. Just kill whatever you come across as you work your way through the rooms.

From level 3 onwards, buy a Crystal Ball from the witch (she’s always hiding in a barrel) to help find the target. As the Crystal Ball is timed, use it at the edge of one room and try to travel through as many rooms as possible to minimise the number of possible rooms.

In the example on the right, I used the Crystal Ball through four rooms, which means the target can only be in the blue rooms. Also, from now on always have 5 keys in your inventory as the target is often behind several doors.

After level 3 you should have the follow achievements:

Amateur adventurer

  • Walk 100 rooms.

Free Willy!

  • Complete the seacrh of the dog William.

The rest of the game continues in a similar fashion. Keep buying Crystal Balls to find the target as quickly as possible.

After level 4 you will unlock:

Princesses rescuer

  • Complete the search of 3 princesses.

If you haven’t already, keep working on slime/spider kills until you get those achievements. These are the most common enemies in the game, so you don’t really need to go out of your way to get them.

Slimes hunter

  • Finish with 100 slimes.

Afraid to spiders

  • Finish with 50 spiders.

For the weapon kills, there are two weapons that count toward each achievement.

The Sword of Fire and Fire Dagger count for kills with fire:


  • Finish with 200 enemies using fire sword.

The Sword of Ice and Elfic Sword of Ice count for kills with ice.

Cold as ice

  • Kill 200 enemies using ice sword.

The Wooden Stick and Magical Stick count for kills with magic.

Magician apprentice

  • Finish with 150 enemies using magic stick.

Another thing to look out for is the Frog Princess. She’s an NPC that can appear randomly in any room like the other NPCs. Unfortunately there’s no way guarantee her appearance. You can see what she looks like on the left. Talking to her unlocks another achievement. Personally, she didn’t appear for me until level 10.

Frog Princess

  • Find the frog Princess.

By level 5 or 6 you should also have:

Professional adventurer

  • Walk 250 rooms.

On level 9, buy the compass from the Witch and use it for an achievement as well. The compass points in the direction of the target, so use it in combination with the Crystall Ball to find the exact location of the target.

Professional explorer

  • Use the compass in one search.

Level 10

At the start of level 10, you will unlock an achievement:

Full castle

  • Unlock all rooms in one castle.

Time to clean up the rest of the achievements. You don’t need to actually beat this level (find the king), so you can just focus on finishing the achievements.

Work your way to the top row of the castle. If you find a witch along the way you can grind out the rest of the following:


  • Use life potion 10 times.


  • Use invencibility potion 20 times.

If you don’t have enough gold, the bottom row is has easy some coins and fairly commonly spawns invincibility potions too.

And stock up on keys for:


  • Use 50 keys to open doors.

You should already have unlocked 40+ doors from the previous 9 levels, so don’t worry too much about unlocking every single door you see.

At the top row of the castle you will unlock:

On the top

  • Reach the rooftop terrace of the castle.

You should only have one single player achievement left, which is for walking though 750 rooms. You only need to visit a room for it to count (i.e. colour it green on the map). If you’re still on the rooftop terrace, you can quickly jump though the entire row while quickly dipping into the rooms below for 70 easy rooms.

Expert adventurer

  • Walk 750 rooms.

Note: Don’t finish the game (i.e. find the king) until you have the 750 rooms. After the game ends, you are sent back to the last checkpoint but all your gold is sent to the multiplayer mode. This makes navigating the rooms harder since you won’t be able to afford weapons or items. Best to just do the 750 rooms first.


All 3 multiplayer achievements require at least one other player.

Play one game. All players will unlock this achievement on starting the match.

In company

  • Participate in one search in multiplayer mode.

Win one game. Be the first to find the princess and win the gold. This is best done on a small/easy map and buying a Crystal Ball in the multiplayer menu before joining the lobby.

The faster one

  • Complete one search before anyone in multiplayer mode.

Host 20 matches. A match counts as hosted as soon as the hoster presses the button to begin the match in the lobby. Completing the match isn’t required, all players can quit to menu after the match has started to get through the required 20 quicker.

Good host

  • Organize 20 searchs in multiplayer mode.
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