King under the Mountain – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here you can find some tips and hints for best gameplay in the King under the Mountain game.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

How to get water into irrigation channels?

  • You need a (powered) water pump connected to pipes, with the pipes connected to the channels.

In detail: Pipe line should connect both pump and irrigation channel (any part) Jusy build it over any channel tile and over the output marker on the pump. Part of the watermill has to be placed into the river (there are 2 circles marking it)

How to rotate an item?

  • You can rotate an item by pressing R, but not all items are rotatable, and doors doesn’t need to be rotated. If you want to add a door in a vertical wall, just add it. The door will change rotation to align automatically.

How to remove dead bodies?

  • Any of the dwarves should be able to move that corpse to the sarcophagus.

Need metal to build metal

  • Unfortunate though at the moment you’re stuck, the solution to get in for this is to get trading implemented so you can pull yourself out of a dead end by trading for the necessary resources.

If you want to try some changes in game

Starting resources are hard-coded right now but the rest you can mess around with.

Under mods/base/settings you’ll find timeAndDaySettings.json to change the days in a season, and immigrationSettings.json you can change the immigrants that arrive, but same as the starting resources the initial 7 settlers are hard coded while developers to do the proper embark customisation.

Hunger and thirst are also driven by code but that makes sense to open up to modding.

While playing a game, if you go to the options menu > Other you can copy the map seed.

Other Tips

  • Any open area you mine that reaches 7×7 can cave-in without a support – leaving a section of rock in the middle should work though.
  • Basic rule is any section of a room in a 7×7 area needs a support of some kind or the ceiling will collapse.
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