Kingdom: Classic – Useful Tips and Tricks

Some tips I couldn’t find online and had to discover them the hard way.

Tips and Tricks


The game is frustrating in the beginning, since there is no tutorial and the only way you can figure out most things is by looking up online. But even after watching all the videos, there were many tips that I discovered the hard way, and this guide is to save you the trouble that I took. I’ve just completed this game with 100% achievements unlocked, so I guess that qualifies me to speak on this topic.

Tip 1: The Correct Way to Restart if Your Game gets Ruined

If you close the game by selecting the Save & Quit option, it will save your progress. But if you quit by pressing Alt+F4 it will not save your progress. So if you have reached a good point (like taken down two portals by Day XII or reached Day XL) then click the Save & Quit button, reopen the game and then continue playing.

This way even if you screw up your game you can just Alt+F4 your way out and restart the game from the previous checkpoint.

Do not click the Restart Game option, otherwise you will have to start the game all over again from Day I.

Tip 2: Towers Beyond the Borders

Don’t place towers outside your borders. The flying monsters will eat the archers who stand on them, and each time you recruit an archer he will stand in that spot, only to be eaten away the next night. Also once the archers get eaten the archers within your border will start trying to act brave by leaving the border and trying to fight the hoards of enemies to occupy the tower.

Since this problem only starts arising after the flying monsters start coming, you can temporarily put the towers outside the border in the beginning of the game. But try to have the walls built before them as soon as you can, because once the flying monsters start eating the archers, you won’t have the time to build the walls, and you would be losing those many archers every night.

Tip 3: The Correct Number of Archers per Day

Recruit at least 4 archers every day. Assign farmers and builders only after you’ve recruited 4 archers for the day. The best way to do it is by just placing 4 bows and then going out to recruit them all. At night when all bows are taken and people are standing idle, then give them the hammer or hoe.

Under any circumstance, have at least 2 homeless spots so that you can have 4 archers everyday.

Tip 4: Quick Money Without Farmers

Keep empty ground in front of the border. That way the archers will hunt a lot, and you might not even need farms at all. You can spend literally all your money on archers.

If you do build farm lands, keep them under 2 layers of border.

Tip 5: Final Wave Requirements

For the final wave, you will need at least 4 layers of border and 5 towers on both sides. Fill out both the altars to maximum levels. And when the Greeds are coming, throw in your extra money at them so that they don’t get to reach the border at all, and your archers can focus on taking down the flying monsters first.

If you don’t have the time to prepare for all of this before Day XXV, you always have the option to reset the game as mentioned in Tip 1 and try doing everything faster.

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