KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX – Gameplay Tips for Atlantica

Stuck in the Atlantica? Here’s Some Advice!

So you got stuck in Atlantica…

Upon landing, you’ll get a small message telling you how to swim. Use the Jump button to ascend and the Dodge button to descend.

Tag Flounder a few times to continue. Remember, locking on will automatically adjust your height as well.

  • You’ll be attacked by a small school of Sea Neons; underwater most of your physical skills are locked, but your Magic is unchanged. If you got Spellbinder from Merlin, this is the perfect world to use it. It’s a good idea to put the Ray of Light you got from the Pot Centipede in Agrabah too.
  • Once the Sea Neons are taken care of, Ariel will return to the room. Hit the clam to reveal Sebastian and Flounder’s hiding spot (and a save point), then leave from either exit to the Undersea Valley
  • As Ariel said, the tridents point the way. Follow them from the Undersea Valley (the clams contain treasure) to the Calm Depths. The current will take you to the next area, but make sure to get out into the trident pointers before you get moved to the end!
  • While inside this part of the Calm Depths, the vortex in the center will eject you back to the Valley, so avoid it. But in here, you’ll find a sea urchin; use a Fire spell on it and it’ll explode, creating a nifty shortcut. When done, go through to the Undersea Cave and after you’re done in there swim up to the Undersea Gorge.
  • There’s a bunch of treasure and enemies in here, so after you’ve looted and killed what you want enter Triton’s Palace. There’s a bunch more clams and Heartless here, so after you’ve done them, enter Triton’s Throne.
  • Save in here if you want, then leave through the Palace back to the Gorge. Ariel tells you to go to her Grotto behind the rock next to the jammed chest. Do so.
  • Leave the Grotto (after getting the chests) and grab on to the dolphin. Let go at the Cave entrance, and get back to the Valley.
  • By riding the dolphin in the Gorge, it’ll appear in the Valley (when enemy free). Grab on and it’ll swim you to the Sunken Ship.
  • Theres a couple chests outside the ship, but the important stuff’s below deck. Open the chest, then get out. Watch out for the shark (you can defeat it if you want), and take the bottom entrance to the Gorge
  • Hit the geyser and you’ll fly through the jammed chest next to Ariel’s Grotto. Open it, then go in and place the Crystal you got from the ship.
  • Ariel leaves at this point, so go back to Triton’s Palace and Throne. She’ll rejoin you, then take the new shortcut back to the Sunken Ship.
  • At the ship, you’ll have to defeat the Shark, but this is its last fight. Afterwards, have Sebastian press the button behind the wrecked bow near the marked rock. Enter.
  • At the fork, the right side leads to a save point, then the left leads into Ursula’s Lair.
  • As Triton said, her cauldron is her source of strength. Hit it with Magic to overload it. The kind doesn’t matter, so just use Fire. If you run low on MP, hit the eels to restore it. Once it overloads, attack Ursula. Keep at until she runs away.
  • Equip your new Mermaid Kick and return to the Calm Depths from the upper Ship exit. Swim the current to reach her hiding spot.
  • She uses the trident to become huge. Use Mermaid Kick to get close to her head; use Stop if you need so you can get behind it. Watch out for the constant lightning attacks. Use Aero and Cure when needed.
  • At half health she starts using her worst attack. “This won’t be pretty!”, swim away. Keep Aero on, Stop as needed, and eventually she goes down.
  • Afterwards, head back to Ariel’s Grotto, lock the keyhole, and done!

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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