Kingdom: New Lands – How to Survive 100+ Days While Being Afk

You can easily survive forever while being afk. This guide shows how to perform this trick and the reason it works.

Guide to Survive 100+ Days While Being Afk


I discovered this trick/error all by myself.

I know that there is a Polish guide on this topic, but I only saw it later. And as someone who cannot speak this language, I decided to publish an English guide.

What the Trick Is About

At the end of the island there is a place where the crown can fall so that neither the greedlings nor you can reach it.

I explain that the greedlings hit boxes and that of the player are somewhat larger than the collective radius (or whatever you may call it) so that the crown that is exactly on the wall cannot be collected. Maybe the crown is also in the wall.

The only downside to this trick is that the camera stays focused on the crown. You can still move freely in the world (the greedlings focus the crown), but you don’t see what you’re doing.

How to Perform This Trick

Obviously you have to be on the dock. You stand completely on the wall there. The direction of view should not matter, since the crown always flies in the opposite direction of the attack.

Now you have to wait until the greedlings come to you and attack you. This can take to the blood moon on the first island, as the greedlings flee in the other nights at dawn.

Of course, you shouldn’t have any more coins either, as these are prioritized by the Greedlings. On the other hand, it will only take you a little longer if you have coins because the Greedlins steal them piece by piece.

If a greedling attacks you you have to be a bit lucky so that the attack will happen from the island’s side, otherwise the crown will fly back to the island. In the latter case, you have to try to get the crown back and go back to the end of the dock to try again.

You may need some attempts to reach the desired condition, but you can go AFK afterwards and do something else, so it’s worth it.

Final Words

Now you can survive forever. The only problem is that the bloodmoon greedlins won’t despawn which can cause lags.

I wonder if someone survives until day D (500). It must be painful.

Written by PHIsixx.xx

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