Knight Club + – Comprehensive Guide to the Leap Frog Build

Please note: all credit goes to Sea_Ferret!

This guide will teach you the really cool leap frog build. Prepare to jump.

The Leap Frog Build Guide

The Build

  • First, pick Gil, this will be useful for his double jump.
  • Next, pick sword as your weapon, the up attack will be the main focus of this build.
  • Any color’s fine, but pink is obviously the right choice.

Good maps:

  • Hot box.
  • Geared up.
  • Bushwacked.
  • Zero Escape
  • Rooftop Garden.


The main strengths of this build are mobility and pressure. Use this to your advantage. Preform crossups, counter as much as possible, anything to get your opponent into hit stun. This is when you can strike with your main combo.

Main Combo

The main combo for the leap frog build is to use an up attack, then do it again, if you get ahead of your opponent, you can reverse it by tapping the opposite direction before the hitbox comes out. With the right timing, this can rack up damage quick. And on stages like Geared up, you can possibly spike your opponent in to lava for an extra 300 damage.


This build isn’t perfect. It has a few weaknesses I can’t quite figure out how to work out. Spears counter it quite easily, since they come out faster, so you’ll usually either get hit first or clank. Being pressured on shield isn’t great either, since you don’t really have the safest way out. The last weakness I’ve experienced is Horace. Horace as a whole counters this build. You need to put pressure on opponents with this build. Horace thrives off of pressure. If you pressure too much with this build, Horace will become a object of destruction, which Gil’s don’t enjoy.


This build is more of a goof around build than a competitive build. Hopping around like a maniac isn’t the best idea if you wanna win some tournaments. If you are just goofing off though, it’s great! Even with the negatives, you can still win some games, so keep practicing!

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