Knockout City – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Simple tricks that anyone can do. No practice or reflexes required. Once you know the basics, here are some things that may help.

Beginners Tips

Bait & Switch

When you have more than one opponent to target, charge a throw then switch targets right before releasing.

Charging a throw warns the targeted opponent, but switching right before a throw gives the new target almost no warning.

Keep Away

If you are trading throws with an opponent and they are catching everything you send them, take the ball and run away. They can’t do anything to stop you.

You will also want to keep your distance from opposing players. The more distance there is, the more time you have to react, and approaching opponents are trying to remove that. Keep your positioning in mind and back away from approaching opponents.

Flank & Spank

Whether you chase them down or hide behind something, find an opponent who doesn’t notice you and get a free bonk on the back of their head.

Divide and Bonk’er

If teams are positioned on opposing sides like classic dodgeball, simply cross the invisible line, this isn’t league rules. Surround your opponents to divide their attention and your team will have the upper hand.

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