Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions – Ultimate Guide to Hints, Solutions & Achievements

Ahoy! If you’re stuck, here’s a guide for ya!

Hints, Solutions & Achievements

All credit goes to neizod!


There are no missable achievements. So sit back and relax with this chill puzzle game.

Furthermore, the ultimate achievement does no require you to complete every single level, or even complete any bonus challenging level. Just play the main game and you can get all the achievements.

Out of 10 achievements, the first 6 are story related. The remaining are hidden achievements that you may try to guess what to do in order to unlock them.

The Basics

  • Complete 6/10 levels in Applications.

Drift Master

  • Complete 6/12 levels in Real World Currents.

No Hazard for me

  • Complete 6/9 levels in Live Hazards.

Blankin’ Amazing

  • Complete 6/9 levels in What the Blank.

Investor Feedback

  • Complete 4/6 levels in Investor Meet.

Lessons Learnt

  • Complete all levels in Investor Meet and roll the credit

Wheels on the Bus

  • … go round and round. Round and round, round and round.

Set up a simulation that loop. Like having a ship head into the current.

Near, Far, Wherever you are

  • Remember Titanic?

Having a ship crash into an iceberg. Can be done as soon as in Situational Awareness.


  • Just run every pre-solved ultra-complicated levels in Drift/Hazard/Blank notes.

End of the line

  • Easily done alongside with Wheels on the Bus. Just let the simulator run out of steps. Otherwise, pick any level and, don’t complete the level, press the play button again and again until it clock 99 steps.

Grid System

Although it is easier to just post images, I think it is nicer to introduce a grid system to represent cell’s position. Since this game use 8×8 square grid like chess (and Into the Breach), it is natural to label them originating from the lowest cell in the middle. With the right side of the board having Latin alphabets, while the left side having Hindu-Arabic numeral. Like this:

For clarification, in the above image:

  • the pirate ship (black ship) is at F5,
  • the pirate port (blank anchor) is at B8,
  • the merchant ship (white-yellow ship) is at D1,
  • the merchant port (yellow coin) is at G8.

Note that some level have different grid size (e.g. 6×6). Just remember that the lowest cell is always A1. Going up-right increasing the alphabet. Going up-left increasing the numeral.

There are 4 type of command tiles: Turn Left (ccw), Turn Right (clockwise), Stop Here, and Blank. I’ll abbreviate them as just L, R, S, B respectively.

The solution will be format as {tile: positions}. For example (not above solution) “R A3 D1; S F7” means place two turn right tiles at A3 and D1, and place a stop tile at F7.

Basic Features

There are 7 basic levels, which teach almost all the fundamental aspect of the puzzle. (sorry bro, no achievement for completing this chapter.)

Pirate Port

  • Note: You can get the hidden achievement, End of the line, as soon as the first level in the game! (with lots of mouse clicks / key presses.)
  • Hint 1: Ships in this simulator will only sail straight, unless pick up a command addressing turn.
  • Hint 2: You only have 1 turn right tile. Use it wisely (and precisely)!
  • Hint 3: Nothing happens? Press the button on the right side of the board. (u familiar w/ the deprecated cassette/video tape technology)
  • Solution: R B7

Merchant Ambush

  • Hint 1: Merchant ship must visit the merchant port, and then depart to the infinity ocean.
  • Hint 2: You cannot place a command tile at the port, so place it after.
  • Solution: R E7; L E3

Resource Utilization

  • Hint 1: Once a ship pick up a command, she carry the command until pick up another command. Just then she drop the 1st command at the cell of the 2nd command.
  • Hint 2: Another ship can re-use a command dropped from the other ship.
  • Solution: R D5; L D8

Extra Baggage

  • Note: 9×9 grid
  • Hint 1: A ship can carry a command at the start of the simulation, but without its effect.
  • Hint 2: It’s exactly the same as previous level, just different initialization!
  • Solution: L E4; R E8


  • Hint 1: When a ship “see” another ship closely ahead, she’ll try to follow her.
  • Hint 2: Ship at B4 is definitely further to the port than ship at B5.
  • Hint 3: Ship B5 will lead ship B4.
  • Solution: L D4

Ship Interaction

  • Hint 1: This scenario is a combination of previous 2-3 scenarios.
  • Solution: L F4; R F8


  • Hint 1: Although one ship is nearer to the port, she must wait for another ship to guide her!
  • Solution: S E6


There are 10 levels, however only 6 are required for progressing the campaign (and an achievement).

Dead Chivalry

  • Hint 1: Remember previous scenarios from Basic Features?
  • Hint 2: This time the merchant ship will take a lead instead.
  • Solution: R E3; L E8; S F5

Through Fare

  • Hint 1: A pirate ship can sail through the merchant port (but not the other way around).
  • Hint 2: Clearly, the merchant ship need to follow the pirate ship first. But how to unfollow?
  • Solution: L C3; R C7


  • Hint 1: Which ship should be the leader?
  • Hint 2: We only have 1 turn right tile, so a ship that make 1 right turn should be the leader.
  • Hint 3: A ship will wait with a stop tile. But we have only 1 stop tile…
  • Hint 4: Did you know that a ship can wait by seeing another stopped ship?
  • Solution: L C7; S E7; R H6

Apple Sauce

  • Hint 1: Take the leading merchant ship to the merchant port first.
  • Hint 2: How to make the second merchant ship unfollow the pirate ship?
  • Solution: L D4 G6; R D6


  • Hint 1: Both ships making the same move in every step!
  • Hint 2: How to pick up the same command in the later step, when that cell already occupied?
  • Solution: L C6 D6; R D7 E6


  • Hint 1: It’s a trap! Don’t go straight to the port ahead!
  • Solution: S C5; L D5; R D7

Bus Depot

  • Note: Don’t Panic
  • Hint 1: Just run the simulation without placing any tiles and observe their behavior.
  • Solution: R C1 E1 C8

Before Time

  • Hint 1: Let the merchant ship take a lead.
  • Solution: L B3 E6; S E4; R G3


  • Hint 1: Let the pirate ship go to port first.
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to go to her port too!
  • Solution: R F1 F4; S G1

Corner Pocket

  • Hint 1: Remember, the pirate ship can go through the merchant port.
  • Hint 2: Let the pirate ship take a lead.
  • Solution: L C5 D4; R F4 F5

Drifts and Currents & Real World Currents

Only 2 levels in Drift and Currents, which served as introductory levels for a new mechanic.

Then 12 levels in Real Word Currents, luckily only 6 are needed for progressing (and an achievement).

Drifts and Currents

  • Hint 1: Current can only push the ship, it cannot change her heading direction.
  • Solution: R C4

Turbulent Navigation

  • Hint 1: Current not only affect ships, but also tiles.
  • Hint 2: If there is no current, it is easy to see that the ship need to turn right at C4.
  • Hint 3: In this simulation, ships move (and pick up) first, then drifted later.
  • Hint 4: The ship need to pick up the tile at D4. How to make the tile be at D4?
  • Solution: R E4

Bow to Bow

  • Hint 1: Don’t afraid of running into each other, the current will save them both!
  • Solution: R C5 G5

Turbulent Waters

  • Note: good place to get Wheels on the Bus achievements.
  • Hint 1: Ship moves first, then affect by current later.
  • Hint 2: Current can only effect ship after she finish moving, not before.
  • Hint 3: At the start of a step, a ship can be on a current tile and sail away from it.
  • Solution: L B1; R B4

Continental Shelf

  • Note: 7×7 grid
  • Hint 1: Go away from the current and sail in the middle of the canal.
  • Hint 2: Don’t turn into the middle at the same time, or they’ll crash!
  • Hint 3: There are not enough tiles, but one ship can simply take a leading role.
  • Solution: L B4 D3; R C5

J Spin

  • Hint 1: It’s all in the level name.
  • Hint 2: Go against the current, re-picking up tiles.
  • Solution: R E4 F5


  • Hint 1: Like the previous level, but how to contentiously picking a tile?
  • Hint 2: Ships can carry a tile w/o its effect, remember?
  • Solution: L C2 D2 F1


  • Note: 6×6 grid
  • Hint 1: Obviously, the ship need can only turn left in the first step.
  • Hint 2: After being pushed by the current the 2nd time, she need to turn away from the land.
  • Hint 3: How to leave a right turn tile on C3 in later step?
  • Solution: R C3 C4 D4; L D3


  • Note: 7×7 grid
  • Hint 1: Have you finish “J Spin” or “Cornered”?
  • Solution: L E5 E6


  • Hint 1: Which ship need to wait?
  • Hint 2: There are no stop commands in this level. How to circumvent this?
  • Hint 3: Going against the current and wait!
  • Solution: R D3; L F3

Tight Quarters

  • Note: 6×6 grid
  • Hint 1: What if you let the simulator run w/o placing any tile?
  • Hint 2: When the ship arrived at D3, she need to turn (otherwise crash to the land).
  • Hint 3: Remember “J Spin”?
  • Solution: L D4 A6

Escape Artist

  • Hint 1: Who should take the lead?
  • Hint 2: When should the leading ship make a turn?
  • Solution: S E4; R E7


  • Hint 1: The current will make the pirate ship take a lead.
  • Hint 2: The current will also make both ships go parallel (it break the visibility of the merchant ship, so she unfollow the pirate ship).
  • Hint 3: Now two ships are going parallel, they should act the same move the same step…
  • Solution: L F2; R F4 F5

Full Stop

  • Hint 1: Why there are 2 stop tiles?
  • Hint 2: Make both ship stop asap.
  • Hint 3: Don’t forget to wake up one ship and make her the leader.
  • Solution: L C4; S D5 F6

Situational Awareness & Live Hazards

Only 3 levels in Situational Awareness, but now there are 3 new mechanics!

Then 9 levels in Real Word Currents, but again, only 6 are needed for progressing (and an achievement).


  • Hint 1: Don’t be afraid of the lighthouse, they won’t let ships crash into them!
  • Hint 2: Lighthouse will make a ship reverse her direction.
  • Solution: R B4


  • Note: good place for getting Near, Far, Wherever you are achievement.
  • Hint 1: How long should the ship wait?
  • Hint 2: Don’t wanna count? Just place the tiles furthest as possible.
  • Solution: R C8 F8

Hefty Ambush

  • Hint 1: Have you notice that the merchant ship actually has white sail?
  • Hint 2: Merchant ship, while still having goods on her, have yellow sail.
  • Hint 3: Just loot all her good, yarr!
  • Solution: R F6 F2


  • Hint 1: Going back the way you are with the help of the lighthouse!
  • Solution: R E4; L E2

Tighter Turns

  • Hint 1: Have you notice that when a ship run into a lighthouse, she spend 1 step staying at the cell making a u-turn?
  • Hint 2: When a ship make a u-turn at the lighthouse, she pick up a tile.
  • Solution: L C3 D3; R D4

Just Right

  • Hint 1: Go visit the lighthouse.
  • Solution: R B3; L F4


  • Hint 1: Just run the simulator w/o placing any tile and observe.
  • Hint 2: There’s not enough turn right tile for every ship. So one ship need to be the leader. Which one?
  • Solution: R A2; L B3 B4 B5

A Tale of Two Shippies

  • Note: 9×9 grid
  • Hint 1: The body of water is separated. So this level is actually 2 levels!
  • Hint 2: That means each sub-level need to use only 1 turn right tile.
  • Hint 3: Have you notice that ships at lighthouses spend 1 step on the cell u-turning?
  • Solution: R B4 G8


  • Hint 1: The merchant ship need to visit the port twice.
  • Hint 2: Out of the given tiles, the merchant ship can’t go to the port again on her own.
  • Hint 3: Make the merchant ship wait for the pirate ship.
  • Solution: L C2; R E2; S D4

Wrong Turn

  • Hint 1: Go and visit the lighthouse.
  • Hint 2: Don’t forget that after visiting the lighthouse, there’s still goods to deliver.
  • Solution: R B4; L E4 E2


  • Hint 1: Only the merchant ship visiting the lighthouse.
  • Solution: R E4 E1; L E2


  • Hint 1: Remember “Wrong Turn”, the previous two levels?
  • Solution: R A2 A4 D2 E2

Blanked Commands & What the Blank

Only 3 levels in Blanked Commands, all of them introduce the one and only new tile that has variety of usage.

Then 9 levels in What the Blank, only 6 are needed for progressing (and an achievement).

Hard Right

  • Hint 1: The new tile might have no effect in itself. But it can force ships to discard carried tile.
  • Hint 2: Make the pirate ship turn right. Then discard turn right tile for the merchant ship.
  • Solution: R E5; B F5


  • Hint 1: Let merchant ships go first, the pirate ship need to wait.
  • Hint 2: The pirate ship cannot wait indefinitely, she need to wake up at some point.
  • Hint 3: Let the current carry the “wake up” tile.
  • Solution: B C2; S C5


  • Hint 1: A ship unfollow another ship when she pick up a tile.
  • Hint 2: Ships will 1. move 2. pick up a tile (and take its effect) 3. turn into the direction of the leader ship 4. drifted by the current.
  • Hint 3: The merchant ship need to pick up a blank tile at E3. How to make that possible?
  • Solution: B E3 G3

Me First

  • Hint 1: Straightforward. Each ship make a right turn at the right point.
  • Hint 2: How to place a right turn for the pirate ship?
  • Hint 3: The blank tile is super useful to make a ship discard its carried tile.
  • Solution: R D5 D7; B D6


  • Hint 1: What if the pirate ship become the leader and also stop?
  • Hint 2: Will stopped merchant ships at merchant ports deporting goods?
  • Solution: R A7; B A8; S D7


  • Hint 1: Obviously, the ship at E3 need to wait.
  • Hint 2: How to make her wait properly, facing downward?
  • Solution: S E3; B E4

Right Through

  • Hint 1: Remember how to unfollow the leader?
  • Solution: B B5 C5; R C6

Pushed Along

  • Hint 1: Just wait!
  • Solution: S C5; B H5


  • Hint 1: Focus on just making C3 ship deliver all goods first.
  • Hint 2: H1 ship will take the same path as C3 ship.
  • Hint 3: H1 take literally the same path. So make the condition for turning become the same!
  • Solution: R C1 C6; B C3 C4


  • Hint 1: Make use of a current and a blank tile to make a u-turn.
  • Solution: B B5; R D5; L H5


  • Hint 1: The pirate ship can do nothing but only go straight.
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship must unfollow the pirate ship.
  • Hint 3: A ship picking up a tile (any tile, blank included) will unfollow the leader, that’s mean she’ll also don’t make a “free” turning in the same direction of the leader.
  • Solution: L D3; B D4 D5


  • Hint 1: It’s a mirror set up, and, as you may guess, the solution is also mirrored.
  • Hint 2: It is inevitable that ship D4 goes to port D1.
  • Hint 3: How to make ship C5 goes to port D8?
  • Hint 4: Remember that a ship goes against the current ends up going nowhere?
  • Hint 5: She might not go anywhere but she still pick up tiles.
  • Solution: B C5 D3 E3 F5; R D4; L E4

Investor Pitch

There are 6 levels in this chapter. Only 4 are needed for “bad end” (and an achievement). But all 6 are needed for “good end” and rolling the credit (and another achievement).


  • Hint 1: The merchant ship will take a brief leadership.
  • Hint 2: After the pirate ship get a “free” left turn, take her to the pirate port.
  • Hint 3: Make the path for the merchant ship after visiting the lighthouse.
  • Solution: L B3 E2; B E4


  • Hint 1: We have to prevent the pirate ship from imminent crash.
  • Hint 2: Unfollow the pirate ship by taking the merchant ship to the lighthouse.
  • Hint 3: How to stop the merchant ship from running into the current and take her to the port?
  • Solution: B C2 C5; L D4; R C6


  • Hint 1: Just run the simulator, observe what’s happening.
  • Hint 2: Pirates ships need to unfollow merchant ships.
  • Hint 3: There’s the only cell suitable to perform unfollowing. Which cell?
  • Hint 4: The cell that been pointed by the arrow.
  • Hint 5: Don’t forget that there are two pirate ships, so perform unfollowing twice.
  • Solution: B D4 G5; L A4; R E6 E8


  • Hint 1: Run the simulator and observe.
  • Hint 2: Obviously, the pirate ship need to follow the merchant upper ship.
  • Hint 3: The pirate ship can’t follow the merchant ship forever, since merchant ships can’t visit pirate ports.
  • Hint 4: What if the upper merchant ship make a left turn, will she crashes into the lower island?
  • Solution: L F6; B F3


  • Hint 1: Don’t let the pirate ship crash into the land!
  • Hint 2: Once you take the pirate ship to the pirate port, how can you take the merchant ship to the merchant port too?
  • Hint 3: The merchant ship take almost the same path the pirate ship take, only in backward direction. So don’t forget to leave breadcrumbs
  • Solution: R F1 G4; L F4; B F2


  • Hint 1: One ship need to go to the port asap.
  • Hint 2: That’s mean the first ship to visit the port need not to see the lighthouse, or even messed with the current.
  • Hint 3: How to make the left ship make a right turn in the correct cell?
  • Solution: R E2; B D4

Drift/Hazard/Blank Notes (Special Bonus)

There are 3/2/4 “ultra-complicated” pre-solved levels in these chapters. So just sit back and relax, press the play button, and watch the scenario played-out.

Although there are no need to solve these levels yourself. It is mandatory to “finish” each scenario at least once in order to unlock the Meticulous achievement.

And, ironically, I find that spectating these almost incomprehensible solutions help me solve bonus levels a lot better. So I decide to put the section here before those “More” sections!

Since these note chapters are unlocked once you solve 6 levels of their corresponding campaign chapter. I think it’s a good idea to take a look at these notes asap to gain knowledge, before going back to tackle harder levels.

By the way, if you’re feeling spicy, you may try solving these levels by yourself! Just open the level, move those pre-solved tiles out of the way, forget everything you saw, then solve it. Just remember that by clicking “Reset” button (not “Clear” anymore), or simply exit and re-enter the level will move those tiles back to the correct position… (and, have I told you already? those are just complicated solutions, not hardest solution… some not even hard, just red herring!)


  • Hint 1: Surprisingly, solve this level by yourself is actually easier than it looks!
  • Hint 2: No need to use all tiles, just 1 left turn and 1 right turn.
  • Hint 3: Get out of the current asap and go right into the port.
  • Reasonable solution: L D5; R F3
  • Developer’s solution: L C4 D6; R D5 F3

Back n Forth

  • Hint 1: The current will push tiles back and forth. Utilize it!
  • Hint 2: It’s actually no harder than “J Spin”. You just have to wait a little longer.
  • Developer’s solution: S D5; L E4, which is reasonable.

Queue Cutters

  • Hint 1: Again, solving this one is easier than it seems.
  • Hint 2: Need only 1 left turn and 2 right turns.
  • Hint 3: Ignore the current (except the first inevitable one).
  • Hint 4: Let the pirate ship go straight to the port.
  • Hint 5: Let the pirate ship carry a left tile, so she will drop it for following ships.
  • Reasonable solution: R H2 H5; L C4
  • Developer’s solution: L E1 H1 D6; R D8 G8; S F2 F5

Double Trouble

  • Hint 1: Only 1 left turn and 2 right turns are needed.
  • Hint 2: Ignore those lighthouses, just go straight to the port!
  • Reasonable solution: L D6; R E5 E6
  • Developer’s solution: L D4 E5 E6; R E4 D5


  • Hint 1: Take the merchant ship to the port asap. No lighthouse visiting!
  • Hint 2: That’s mean the merchant ship use up all 2 left tiles.
  • Hint 3: Let the pirate ship visit the lighthouse.
  • Hint 4: Make the pirate ship cross the current and use the left over left tile.
  • Reasonable solution: L D6 E6; R D4 F4
  • Developer’s solution: R D2 F2; L E3 E6


  • Hint 1: You want to make a right turn. But there are no right tile.
  • Hint 2: You want to go sandwiched between lighthouses. But there are no stop tile.
  • Hint 3: You have to fight the current with blank tile to go to lighthouses.
  • Hint 4: Finally, you can make a left turn to the port!
  • Developer’s solution: L B4 F2; B F3 D6, which is reasonable.


  • Hint 1: Only one tile is needed!
  • Hint 2: It is the right tile!
  • Reasonable solution: R D4
  • Developer’s solution: B B1 D4; R C3; L D3


  • Hint 1: We have 1 left turn and 1 right turn. And the ports need each of them.
  • Hint 2: It is crucial to make both ship face downward of the current (low-right).
  • Hint 3: The pirate ship must take the lead. Securing the right turn now.
  • Hint 4: After going into the current, the pirate ship must stop 1. she will not go too fast and crashed by the current later 2. she can reuse her carried right turn.
  • Hint 5: Let the merchant ship, at the bottom of the current, pick up left turn.
  • Developer’s solution: S D5 E6; R E7; B E8; L F8, which is reasonable.

Sticky Nose

  • Hint 1: Only 1 left tile and 2 right tiles.
  • Hint 2: Don’t mess w/ the current, just go pass them as quickly as possible.
  • Reasonable solution: L C3; R D5 E3
  • Developer’s solution: B B3; L C3 C4; R C5 D5 H5 H3

More Application (Bonus)

There are 8 bonus levels extending Applications.

Cram Packed

  • Note: 6×6 grid
  • Hint 1: Let a ship follow another.
  • Hint 2: Why the left island surrounded by water?
  • Hint 3: Unfollow the leader, one right to the port and one around the island.
  • Solution: L A6 D3; R D6 E3


  • Hint 1: How to unfollow the merchant ship?
  • Hint 2: After delivering the good, the merchant ship should take left or right turn first?
  • Hint 3: What is a command tile the merchant ship carried before visiting her port?
  • Solution: R B2 F7; L F2 H7

Parking Lot

  • Hint 1: Obviously, the lower ship need to wait (use less commands).
  • Hint 2: After both ships sail across the strait, the leader ship must take the turn right tile.
  • Hint 3: The leader ship must also discard the right turn tile. Can the following ship reuse it?
  • Hint 4: The leader ship must sacrifice the nearest parking lot and go around.
  • Solution: S G5; L G2; R F1 G1 H2

Travelling Lefts

  • Hint 1: Just run the simulator w/o any tile… for fun lol
  • Hint 2: Obviously, one ship has to make the left turn. Which one?
  • Hint 3: The leader will take a right turn and straight to her port, discarding the left turn to the next follower to became the next leader.
  • Hint 4: Repeat the previous hint.
  • Solution: L D5; R B4 B7 D7

Traffic Issues

  • Note: 9×9 grid
  • Hint 1: The pirate ship is ahead of the merchant ship. However, the merchant must finish her business at her port first.
  • Hint 2: Make the pirate ship detour.
  • Hint 3: Don’t let the pirate ship go head-to-head w/ the merchant ship. Go after her instead.
  • Solution: R C9 E9 E7; L G7 E2


  • Hint 1: Think again about which ship should take the stop tile…
  • Hint 2: The upper pirate ship (C7) must take the stop!
  • Hint 3: Now, which ship should become the leader for the stopped pirate?
  • Hint 4: Pirates help pirates.
  • Solution: L C7 E6; R E8; S D7


  • Hint 1: You can’t stop the pirate ship.
  • Hint 2: There’s only one way to not stop the pirate ship and take her to her port.
  • Hint 3: The pirate ship immediately make 1 left turn and go straight to port. Just that.
  • Hint 4: A merchant ship need unfollow the pirate ship and follow another instead.
  • Solution: L C4 D5 F4; S D6


  • Hint 1: Let the merchant ships take the lead.
  • Hint 2: But not leading all the way. How the pirate ship unfollow them?
  • Solution: L B2 B6 E6; R E2

More Currents (Bonus)

There are 10 bonus level extending Real World Currents.

The Patient

  • Hint 1: As easy as it seems. Just stop the merchant ship asap and let her drift all the way.
  • Hint 2: Wake up the merchant ship and take her to her port.
  • Hint 3: However, the pirate ship can’t just simply go turn once to her port…
  • Hint 4: The merchant ship need the right turn tile too!
  • Solution: S B5; R E5; L F5 F2


  • Hint 1: Isn’t it obvious just to stop the merchant ship asap (and let the simulator run a bit).
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to follow the pirate ship.
  • Hint 3: Now, them them to their ports.
  • Solution: R A6; L D6; S D4

Preferred Ports

  • Hint 1: Again, you can guess that the upper pirate ship (F5) need to stop on the current asap.
  • Hint 2: Can the stopped ship go to her port by herself, no waking up, just relying on currents?
  • Hint 3: When should another ship make a turn?
  • Solution: S H4; L H5

Express Delivery

  • Hint 1: Stop one ship asap before she wreck herself!
  • Hint 2: Which tile does the stopped ship need in order to wake up?
  • Hint 3: Deliver the right tile with the conveyor belt to the stopped ship.
  • Hint 4: But we also need the right tile for another ship to fight the current!
  • Hint 5: Another ship need precise pick up locations of right and left turn.
  • Solution: S D8; R E5; L F2

Express Delivery (unintended solution)

  • Hint 1: One port is red herring. Which one?
  • Hint 2: The left ship need to stop asap.
  • Hint 3: The stopped ship does not need to wake up right away when she arrived at the terminal cell. She need one more snooze!
  • Hint 4: Another ship will follow the late-waked-up ship to the lower port.
  • Solution: R D1; S D8; L E7


  • Hint 1: Turn away from land! Fighting the unwinnable current is better than became wreckage.
  • Hint 2: The stuck-in-the-current ship need a leader to guide her way out.
  • Hint 3: Don’t forget that ships move first, then affected by the current.
  • Solution: R E2 F5 F7


  • Hint 1: Take the pirate ship to the port asap.
  • Hint 2: We’re out of tiles to make turns. How to make a free turn?
  • Hint 3: Which and where should a merchant ship stop and wait for another?
  • Solution: R C4; S C5


  • Hint 1: It is inevitable that the merchant ship will follow a pirate ship.
  • Hint 2: Make the merchant ship unfollow the pirate ship asap, the current already done half!
  • Hint 3: Don’t make the merchant ship follow both pirate ships.
  • Hint 4: The pirate ship can pass through the merchant port, remember?
  • Hint 5: The merchant ship can “play with the current” and delay going to port.
  • Solution: R E4 H4; L F4


  • Hint 1: One ship need only one left turn.
  • Hint 2: The other ship that take two right turn can’t go to the port safely by her own.
  • Hint 3: Since the leader goes real fast (with the help of the current). There’s a specific cell to make the 2nd right turn and “see” the leader.
  • Solution: R D4 D6; L E1

Almost Home

  • Hint 1: No, we don’t stop here!
  • Hint 2: We may pick up a stop tile, but we’re not stop moving!
  • Hint 3: How to pick up the only one left turn tile twice?
  • Solution: L D3; S D4


  • Hint 1: The pirate ship see the merchant ship, and want to overtake her!
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to stop.
  • Hint 3: There’s only one cell that make sense for merchant ship to stop.
  • Hint 4: The merchant ship stop at C4.
  • Hint 5: Now it’s an opportunity to make the pirate ship overtake the merchant ship!
  • Solution: R B3 B5; L C5; S C4

More Hazards (Bonus)

There are 9 bonus levels extending Live Hazards.

Washing Machine

  • Hint 1: Which one should be the leader?
  • Hint 2: The upper ship should be the leader.
  • Hint 3: The leader leave the area to the up-right.
  • Hint 4: Where to make the lower ship to follow the upper ship?
  • Solution: R D2 D4 E5


  • Hint 1: Just trap her in the loop.
  • Hint 2: One loop will only deport 2 goods, so we need to run the loop twice.
  • Hint 3: She need to carry a tile at the start in order to make the 2nd loop possible. Which tile?
  • Solution: R C3 C2 D2 D5; L D6 E6 E3


  • Hint 1: The pirate ship can go through merchant port.
  • Hint 2: Let the pirate ship take a lead.
  • Solution: L E4; S F4; R F3 G3


  • Hint 1: One ship just go right to the port, while another ship take a lengthy detour by visiting every lighthouses.
  • Solution: R E4 G4; L F4


  • Hint 1: The pirate ship will intercept the merchant ship.
  • Hint 2: That’s mean the pirate ship will wait for the merchant ship then follow her.
  • Hint 3: Two lighthouses F2 and F6 is a great pair for the pirate ship to patrolling.
  • Hint 4: Which way should the merchant ship turns after visiting the port?
  • Solution: L C4; R F4 H4


  • Hint 1: How long for the iceberg to melted?
  • Hint 2: Not enough time? Make a detour!
  • Hint 3: Visit both lighthouses, both ships.
  • Solution: R D1 A7; L A4 H1 H8


  • Hint 1: The pirate ship need to follow the merchant ship.
  • Hint 2: There’s only one cell for the pirate to make a follow.
  • Solution: L B3 C5; R C6

Stutter Step

  • Hint 1: The ship near the current need another ship to lead her.
  • Hint 2: How not to crash into the leader while she’s making a u-turn at the lighthouse.
  • Solution: R C5; S C6


  • Hint 1: Did you know that you can park a merchant ship at a merchant port, deporting one good at each simulation step?
  • Hint 2: Normally, you can’t address a stop command to a merchant ship directly at a port. But what if you make the merchant ship follow another ship and stop the leader instead…
  • Hint 3: After deporting all goods, only one merchant ship will follow the pirate ship.
  • Solution: R C7; L G7 E2; S E6 F4

More Blanks (Bonus)

There are 9 bonus levels extending What the Blank.


  • Hint 1: Just wait for the iceberg.
  • Hint 2: How to wait both ships?
  • Solution: L A1; B A2; S C4


  • Hint 1: One ship need to stop asap!
  • Hint 2: Clearly, the pirate ship no need to shop, but which merchant ship to stop?
  • Hint 3: We only have left turn for correcting ship’s direction…
  • Hint 4: The left merchant ship need that left turn.
  • Solution: B B5 C3; S D4; L D5


  • Hint 1: Which pirate go which port?
  • Hint 2: Make a line of ship. So which ship should be the leader?
  • Hint 3: Left pirate ship should be the leader.
  • Solution: L C3; R C6; B G4

Side Ship

  • Hint 1: Which ship should wait?
  • Hint 2: The lower ship must wait.
  • Hint 3: Which ship go which port?
  • Hint 4: The lower ship only go straight.
  • Solution: S D2; L E1; B E2 E3


  • Hint 1: Help right ship from crashing into the land immediately.
  • Hint 2: Both ships need that turn left tile. But how?
  • Solution: L F4; B F5


  • Hint 1: Obviously, the pirate ship need a detour in order to wait for the iceberg.
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to wait too. Otherwise the pirate ship will follow her!
  • Solution: R H6 H5; S F5; B F3


  • Hint 1: Focus on making the merchant ship go to her port first, not the pirate ship.
  • Hint 2: Remember “J Spin”? The pirate ship need that.
  • Hint 3: How to make the merchant ship drop the precious right turn tile?
  • Solution: R A8 C8 D8; B B7


  • Hint 1: When delivering goods, the merchant ship must go low-left to up-right. Both time.
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to follow the pirate ship.
  • Solution: B D3; R E3 C3 C4


  • Hint 1: It is easy to see that if the merchant ship go to her port w/o visiting the lighthouse, both ships crashed into each other…
  • Hint 2: The merchant ship need to visiting the lighthouse w/ the 1st right tile.
  • Hint 3: Where to place the 2nd right tile for the merchant ship to go to her port?
  • Hint 4: Don’t forget that the pirate ship also need that 2nd right tile too.
  • Solution: R D5 C1; B C2; L C3
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