Kujlevka – Achievements Guide

How to Get Achievements?


Complete the Prologue

The person is straight – walking

Who needs these huge passageways when there is a door?

The Time Machine

Keeping a time machine for yourself is a great idea. It will help to find plot holes

Love, Death and Vodka

Convince the nurse to share alcohol with you

Forest Explorer

Did you see a sniper? No? But he sees you

New stroller

Thank you to the kind person for this hover stroller

There is nothing

You upset the priest


Find all the drawings, magazines and notes on the barge

Alien invasion

Why did the president offend them so much?

A great businessman

Mr. Nakatomi admires your skill in moving houses!

Black hole

What happens if you blow up a time machine? That’s right, nothing good…

Everything has come to this

Turn off Yeltsin


Have 3 philosophical dialogues with the Nameless in dreams

The Great Tamer

Did you remember to feed the cat?

Soul Seller

Make a choice in favor of capital 4 times

A village named Kuzhlevka

Well, there won’t be a concert. But familiar motives are being hatched

Useful information

A portion of wisdom from the Nameless — receive and sign

How’s the money going?

Call all the numbers listed in the newspaper


Solving a crossword puzzle without seeing it is quite a task. Fortunately, I got a good toilet

The end of the world

The presidents are locked up, and rockets are already flying over the Kuzhlev roofs

Strict Chairman

No concessions and politeness! Be rude to the guests 5 times

I’m tired

Finish the game ahead of schedule

The Experimenter

Achieve all the outcomes of the goat experiment


Smoke 100 cigarettes

Cirrhosis hepatis

Taste pure alcohol 30 times

Plus a few plot and several related to different endings. It seems so.

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