Kyo’s Routine – 100% Full Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Use this guide/walkthrough to attain 100% completion. Following this guide, it takes approximately ~90 minutes.

Complete Walkthrough

  • Get out of the house.
  • Go to Office to work on second floor.
  • Buy drinks from the machine on third floor.
  • Keep working until you get sick and die.
    ⭐ You are not a robot.
    ⭐ Overwork.
  • New game (several times, until you can walk).
  • Get out of the house.
  • Buy food at Yu-Yu Market and use it at home.
  • Go to Japanese Food and pay maintenance.
  • Go to Office to work on second floor.
  • Continue until you have 40 purchased food and reach level 3 in office job.
    ? Take ~20 minutes.
    ⭐ Ready to hibernate.
    ⭐ Promotion.
  • Go to the Arcade.
  • Just idle both machines.
  • (You can buy in the machine downstairs, but watch your life, if it goes down a lot, eat at home).
    ? Take ~20 minutes.
    ⭐ True Gamer.
  • Go to the Hospital.
  • Go up to the second floor and take the Mari’s House key.
  • Go to Mari’s House, read diary and collect coin.
    ⭐ To The Beach.
  • Take the Subway and travel to the Coast.
  • Enter Inn and sell the coin for $ 1,000.
  • Go Fishing Shop and buy Fishing Kit for $ 250.
  • Reach 1000 skill points in fishing.
  • (You can buy snacks at the Snack Bar to recover energy).
    ? Take ~40 minutes.
    ⭐ Fishing Money.
  • Sell ​​the fish until you have more than $ 22,500.
  • Take the Subway and travel to District 1.
  • Go to Office and buy the Company on third floor ($ 2,000).
    ⭐ Who’s the boss now.
  • Go to the Arcade, use the bathroom and buy the Wedding rings ($ 500).
    ⭐ My precious.
  • Go to the Hospital, go up to the second floor and talk to Mari ($ 20,000).
    ⭐ Worth it.
Written by Klumb3r

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