Last Call BBS – The Forbidden Path – Metrics and Histograms

This is an explination of how the metrics of The Forbidden Path work.

Guide to Metrics and Histograms


The Forbidden Path was sticking out to me because it seems to have no metrics and histograms. Except I just noticed, that it does. This guide is an attempt to explain what I have learned about the metrics and ratings of your code in The Forbidden Path.


On the right side, next to the blueprint of your goal, right above the button there is a few lines of wierd symbols. these are there not just for aesthetics but are actually usefull.

If we zoom in, we can see that the lowest 2 lines are actually similar and consist of mostly the same symbol that is colored either light or dark red.

What They Mean

Based on this example I assume, that the upper line is your performance of how many instructions you have used and the lower one of how many cyles your code takes (although I’m not sure on the second one).

If we take a look at this example of the first level we can see it in practice:

An example solution with 5 instructions

And a solution with only 4 instructions

If we zoom in on the button and the lines the difference will be clearer:

4 lines

5 lines

As we can see, the amount of light symbols changes depending on how many lines of code we used. every notch (loop on the line, half the hight of a line, alternating to and bottom) stands for one instruction.

Also the appearance of the button changes with some lines missing in the worse solution.

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