Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Getting Leaves Without Unlocking Their Area

This is an easy way to unlock leaves and gain their bonuses before you can farm for them.

Introduction: What The Heck?

Leaf Blower Revolution is a game with a simple gameplay loop: farm leaves from an area, in order to unlock more leaves and the areas where they are farmed. You unlock a new leaf, you unlock the area where that leaf is farmed, and then you go and farm it. New leaves come with new upgrades to make things go faster. Simple, right?

It happens the game includes a few abilities that allow you to farm leaves without having access to their areas at all. In this guide I’m going to tell you how it’s done, so that you can do it too.

Most of the screenshots below include the slider on the right so that you can see roughly how far down the panel they are. The one that doesn’t have the slider is at the bottom of its panel.

Step 1: Printers

The first thing you need to do to make this work is unlock Printers from the Coins Shop. This will cost 200 coins.

Then, to speed things up a little, you’ll want to buy some Printer Adders and Printer Multipliers.

There are also some printer upgrades in the BLC Shop you’ll want to get.

Better Printer Ink will multiply your printer output as the ones in the Coins Shop did. Unlimited Printer Ink is a must have because it will save you from having to rebuy all your printers each time. Bigger Printer Room is a more expensive upgrade, with the first level costing 50 million BLC and the second costing 150 million, but it is absolutely worth it for this strategy.

Finally, the thing that makes all of this work: Printer Printers!

These are available in several leaf menus, starting with Mythical (above). You want this. Printer Printers will make it so that as soon as you have at least one of a given type of leaf, you will automatically get Printers for that leaf until you reach your maximum limit. And with the Unlimited Printer Ink upgrade from the BLC shop, you’ll only ever need to do it once!

Now that we have our printers ready to go, it’s time to look into the second step:

Step 2: Trading

The second ability we need to unlock to make this work is Trading. This is done by buying the Trading Certificate from the BLC Shop.

That will grant you access to the Trades panel, which will begin with two trades on offer that refresh every five minutes.

The way trades work is by letting you acquire something you’ve already unlocked, in exchange for something else you’ve unlocked. Most trades are not worth it. We are going to be exploiting game mechanics to make them very worth it.

Step 3: How It Works

It is important to note that trades do not require that you have an item to receive it, only that have unlocked that item. That means that once you have unlocked Lava Leaves from the Mythical Leaf panel, they are available to be traded for. After enough trade refreshes, they will appear, and no matter what they cost, you want to start that trade.

About two hours later, the trade will be complete, and you go to the Trade panel to collect it. You now have a small amount of Lava Leaves. Hooray!

Now, look at the right side of the screen. You will immediately notice that the number of Lava Leaves you have is growing, and doing so very quickly. That is because once you have acquired a leaf that can be printed, you can buy Printers for it. And once you can buy a Printer, your Printer Printers from the Mythical Leaf panel will start creating them for you.

As soon as you acquired your first Lava Leaf, you started printing them. After a period of time, you will have 1000 Lava Leaf printers (or 10,000 if you bought that first Bigger Printer Room upgrade) producing tens (or hundreds) of thousands of Lava Leaves every second.

Now you can use your Lava Leaf income to buy some upgrades – including unlocking Ice Leaves. Then you repeat the process for Ice Leaves to unlock Obsidian Leaves. Unfortunately, there is no Obsidian Leaf Printer, so you cannot blast ahead on those. However, Obsidian Leaves allow you to unlock Silicon Leaves, which are the last type of leaf that can be printed. So once you’ve progressed through the game enough to acquire 8.5 billion Obsidian Leaves, you can unlock Silicon Leaves and repeat this process to push ahead on those too.

Summary / Conclusion

Using Printers and Trading, and a few upgrades, it is possible to use the game’s mechanics to farm Lava Leaves, Ice Leaves, and Silicon Leaves without ever unlocking the areas where those leaves are acquired. While it is possible to use this method to farm earlier leaves, the lack of Printer Printers from the Mythical Leaf panel will make it very slow, as you will be limited to the Printers you can buy yourself. As such, I don’t recommend using this for any leaves before Lava Leaves.

Lava Leaves and Ice Leaves have several useful upgrades, including Marketing and Fertilizer upgrades to make farming them in their areas faster when you reach them, and BLC upgrades to make your Big Leaf Crunches more effective. This mechanic will not let you complete these leaves’ upgrades, but it will give you a boost in the early mid-game to let you progress a bit faster.

And now you know how to jump ahead by using the game’s own mechanics for fun and profit. Happy leaf blowing!

Written by DiMono

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  1. The Shovel can also be used to get leaves when you don’t have the area unlocked. Also converters should be able to produce the leaves before an area is acessable.

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