LEAP – Developers Tips (Fixes and Settings)

Tips to Fix Some Issues and Settings

Starting a Match on your PV

  • You can remove this option (stating a match on a persona vehicle) by toggling the checkbox under the DEPLOY button.

Improve Performance

  • Set the screen resolution percentage to 50-80% and View Distance to 50% to help improve performance. Changing these values should not decrease graphical quality, and you can find both sliders on settings/video.

Encountering Bugs?

  • If you encounter any seriously unfortunate bugs, pressing M will bring up a menu where you can redeploy.

Gameplay settings

  • You can toggle between 3D and standard 2D incoming damage indicators.
  • You can toggle hitmarker visual effects and damage texts.
  • You can also disable some camera animations.
  • There’s a “Scoped look sensitivity compensation” setting where you can use it to slow down your sensitivity while tight aiming.

Mouse input Latency

For anyone feeling mouse input latency, smoothing or artifacts, please do the following:

  • Go into your config file in
    C(or your drive):\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\LEAP\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Look for a file called “Input.ini”
  • Add the line bEnableMouseSmoothing=False at the end (if yours already has a bEnableMouseSmoothing in there, set it to false).

Perf Issues with Nvidia Cards

  • If experiencing any perf issues, right click your game in the Library, choose properties and then add the launch command “-d3d11” as a workaround.

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