Legends of Kingdom Rush – Steam Deck Control Scheme

Guide to Steam Deck Controls

For anyone looking to play Legends of Kingdom Rush on the Steam Deck with more predictable controller-style controls, check out “Intuitive controller layout.” in the community created configurations.

This game has no controller support. So commands are by default bound ineffectively or not at all. This is just keyboard keys bound to the ABXY layout so that they feel right and are functional in an attempt to allow basic commands without using the trackpads or touchscreen as much as possible:

  • A = select/enter
  • B = back/escape
  • X = end turn
  • Y = show health bars
  • L4 = skill 1
  • L5 = skill 2
  • R4 = skill 3
  • R5 = skill 4

For panning around the map, use either trackpad to drag the cursor to the edges of the screen. For targeting, use the D-pad.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is pretty fun on Steam deck using either the touchscreen or the trackpad as mouse, which is perfectly acceptable out of the box. But I still wanted to have ABXY make sense for navigating menus, executing commands etc. I use this config combined with the trackpads when I need to pan around and it feels pretty good.

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