LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Troubleshooting: How to Fix Low FPS, Crashes, Improper Full Screen, Etc

Now I know that this game released a few hours ago (as of this writing), but hey, I could help with some things that you might have experienced during starting up the game for the first time, or as you play along. Let’s do this!

Problem One: Game Is Crashing on Startup

This issue can happen sometimes, and some of the problems could be fixable, and some may require you to upgrade, downgrade, or revert something.

Solution 1: Try closing out every program on your computer first. This could help the game utilize more resources, rather than it running out and causing a game crash.

Solution 2A: Make sure that you meet the requirements for the game to run. Even if you ran previous Lego Games on hardware that is way below or below the minimum specs (like me running the previous entry on the Lego Star Wars on my old 2009 computer), make sure it runs.

Solution 2B: Make sure that the hardware you have supports DirectX11 or higher (All Lego Games after 2016 require DX11, I believe.) If you don’t have no hardware supporting DX11, then here’s a YT guide of how to force run any DX11 (or higher) game to run on DX10 (I don’t fully recommend this, as this can cause framerate issues, among some glitches. I would do this as a last resort.)

You can also use Valve’s official way to force a certain DirectX level, by typing -dxlevel [level] (For specific stuff like 10.1 or 8.5, do “101” or “85” respectively.)

Solution 3: Check your Graphics and other computer drivers to make sure that they are up-to-date, Not problematic with other games, or non-functional. Sometimes, this can help with game crashing and prevent it in the future.

Problem 2: Low FPS

Now, you fixed up the crashing issues (I’m assuming so) and the game is now booting fine. But the FPS is very low (like ~10-25fps or such). Let me try and help you fix it!

Reason: In many cases, (at least for me) Lego games automatically choose the highest settings on native resolution. It’s quite annoying, and it causes so many issues that could be avoided if there was an auto-config set up properly for the game.

Solution: First, close the game (do ALT+F4, or use Ctrl+Shift+Escape to get into task manager and kill the Lego .exe ). Now, go click on the gear right next to the “I” and select “Properties.” There should be something that says “Launch Properties,” along with a blank box below it. Click on the box and type “-autoconfig.” here what it does, according to steam:

  • -autoconfig – Restores video and performance settings to default for the current hardware detected. Ignores settings inside any .cfg files until this parameter is removed.

If this doesn’t work: Open the game, go into it’s video and graphic settings and change everything to low. Then play around with the settings to see what works best for you.

Again: Make sure that you meet the requirements for the game to run.

Note: This game is pretty GPU intensive as well. (at least, that’s what I’ve noticed.)

Problem 3: Improper Full Screen in Non-HD Resolutions

Reason:This problem can happen to some people if they are using a laptop (at least for me in a lot of tests I did) Where sometimes, in newer Lego Games, using the lower resolutions below 1280×720 will resize the game improperly and cause some of the OS to pop out.

To fix this: Click on the gear next to the “I.” Go to the “Launch options.” click on the blank box below it and type: “-fullscreen”. This will force the NTT Engine to use fullscreen all the time, even on the lower HD resolutions.

Written by MrJomoPark

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